PS5 operating system could be as fast as Netflix

The PS5 was revealed a while ago, but it was only last week that we got to see the actual specs of the system.

Beforehand it was all rumours and hearsay, so it's nice to be in a world that no longer relies on that.

Well, that is, unless you've been trawling through the deep archives of Resetera and keeping an eye on there for posts from prolific writers with that sweet sweet insider knowledge.

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You see, there's a lot of activity on there at the moment, but one particularly interesting thread popped up under the name of "Sony Patents "Direct Gameplay" (game activity/progress tiles presented in PS5 OS)".

In this thread, the original poster talks a lot about the SSD and the idea of Instant Loading.

They say, "Seems like developers will be able to create custom tiles with a lot of functionality and have this be presented in the general PS5 OS.

Think of a tile as an extension of the game (a mini app/widget merged into the OS) showing i.e. your latest position in an RPG with a screenshot, current gear and a button for jumping straight back into the action in a second."

That's incredibly cool as it is, and the idea of this easy-to-use PS5 interface and the ultimate convenience is great.

Someone else chimed in though, Kotaku's Jason Schreier, a known knower of things.

"I have heard some fascinating things about the PS5’s operating system like this - one of the pitches they’ve been making to developers is “playing a PS5 game should be as easy as Netflix.”

They want to make players feel like they can load up the game immediately and know exactly how much time a given activity is going to take them.

They want people to feel more inclined to play in short bursts rather than only wanting to turn on the console when they have a few hours to spare."

That's an almost handheld ethos when it comes to gaming, which is a wild idea on a home console. It could be that the things that this next-generation of consoles impacts are way beyond what we're currently expecting.

Exciting times are surely ahead, which is good. If you're looking to get in on the PS4 action though, why not check out these bundles?

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