Fall Guys error codes: The most common error codes, and what to do if you see them

With Fall Guys being a complete runaway success, it might feel like you're seeing an awful lot of error codes.

It's important to remember that the servers are improving all the time, but that it's still a game made by a small team, and the sheer volume of players who want to play it is astounding.

The good news is that we know a lot about the codes you can receive now, and that means we can tell you.

So, read on to find out more about these Fall Guys error codes.

What are the Fall Guys error codes?

There tend to be four errors that appear the most frequently.

These errors are getting stuck while looking for players, disconnecting, connection errors, and the matchmaking being down for maintenance.

The first three of these are generally caused by very similar issues, all of which you can try and do something about.

The last one is nothing to do with you, and there's no way you can impact it. In that instance, we advise you to switch to a different game, have a nap, or maybe do some push-ups to pass the time.

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How to fix the Fall Guys error codes

Regarding the three first issues, that is the getting stuck while looking for players, disconnecting, and connection errors, you can try and fix all of these using the same techniques.

The first thing you should do is check your firewall settings, make sure Fall Guys is allowed to connect to the internet unimpeded, or you'll find these errors coming up far more frequently.

Next, verify the integrity of your installation files. Sometimes an update can go a bit wonky and you'll be left with errors like these in its wake.

Finally, you should try resetting your router. It's a tiresome and cliched answer, but it's trotted out so much because it often works.

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