How to check Fall Guys servers- is the Fall Guys down?

A blue Fall Guy character

A blue Fall Guy character
January 3, 2024 - Here's our guide on how to check if the Fall Guys servers are down.

The eyes of the gaming world focused on Fall Guys following its successful beta in late July. Mediatonic's 60-person battle royale, now free on PS Plus, was poised for a HUGE launch that would take the internet by storm.

When the game was released on 4 August 2020, hundreds of thousands of players jumped and stumbled into Fall Guys matchmaking, only to be met with frequent disconnects, errors and lag.

While these server issues plagued the game during its first few days, the Fall Guys team offered comprehensive updates on the server status, which it continues to update now even after the servers have become stable.

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Are Fall Guys servers down?

Based on the posts by the Fall Guys Server Owl, Fall Guys is currently fully online on all platforms.

How to find Fall Guys server status

If you want to check the status of Fall Guys' servers, the best place to go is the Fall Guys Server Owl Twitter.

This account, run by the Fall Guys team, posts frequent updates regarding the server status, including posting times for scheduled maintenance and estimated downtime.

You can see the latest Tweets by the Fall Guys Server Owl below:

Aside from the Server Owl account, we'd also recommend following the official Fall Guys Twitter account for more updates on the servers.

These updates are also posted on Fall Guys' Discord server, which also acts as an unofficial server status checker via one of its channels. If you join the Discord, which can be done here, you can access the 'Server Issue Chat' to see whether any other players are also experiencing issues.

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