Anno 1800 Season 3 Pass: Release date, trailer and more info about the next DLC expansion

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It’s hard to believe that the Anno series has been around since 1998, but original developers ‘Max Design’ had come across a fun take to the strategy/economy simulation genre.

Ever since Ubisoft bought the IP back in 2013 thanks to their takeover of ‘Blue Byte’, we are now at the seventh entry in the series, with Anno 1800 being released last year, taking place during the 19th century.

There has been a lot of content since its release, with two season passes already developed and released, building upon policies, ships and much more.

But now, Ubisoft have announced Season 3, bringing even more features to a game released only last year in April. We look into what’s been confirmed so far.

Anno 1800 Season 3 Gameplay

Many fans of the series have been hoping to see an Asian landscape to appear in a future entry, and hopefully this third season will grant that wish.

The trailer below doesn’t explicitly say what’s coming, but its fly-through of different regions and islands gives the impression that some revamped mechanics and a refined supply chain could be coming. Especially with its ‘Welcome Home’ message at 1:08, it seems to infer this.

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Anno 1800 Season 3 Features

As mentioned, it looks like more refined gameplay mechanics are coming where you can have greater control of the workers to the supply chain.

The game depends on the factories creating the products that its customers demand, so transporting these and also obtaining better materials to make better products, seems like a good avenue for Season 3 to investigate.

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Anno 1800 Season 3 Release Date

The teaser trailer remained pretty secretive about much of Season 3, including its release date. Currently, we know Anno 1800 will release in 2021, but aside from that its speculation.

The first two season packs had three DLC releases each, spread out across a few months. As Season 2 was released late last year, it may seem as if Blue Byte want to release this third season as quickly as possible, perhaps in January.

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