Here's the most impressive tech and gadgets at CES 2024

AMD 7600 XT, MSI Claw, Shark X and Clicks keyboard behind CES logo
Credit: CES / MSI / Cooler Master / Clicks / AMD

CES 2024 was absolutely packed with some great reveals and returns, from things like a Blackberry-style keyboard for iPhones, to some upcoming graphics cards that will surely switch up the market. But only some tech can be called the best of the best, and here's what we picked out.

We've got some incredible gadgets below, most of which will actually make it to market (some, even sooner than you may think). Plenty of vaporware goes to the showroom floor, but many of these will be available to purchase.

LG OLED T transparent TV from trailer on LG's YouTube channel
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Credit: LG

LG & Samsung transparent TVs

Transparent TVs were once a pipe dream for many people, but CES proved that the future is getting one step closer. Both Samsung and LG showcased see-through TVs that reportedly look as incredible as they sound, but the LG Signature OLED T will actually be available to buy.

Unfortunately, Samsung's TV was just a display model. However, if you've got money to spend, the LG OLED T release date may be coming soon.

Shark X gaming PC's head with RGB lights around it
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Credit: Cooler Master

Shark X gaming PC

Is it practical? Absolutely not. But does it look amazing? Hell yes. This is a bit of a cheating entry, considering that the Shark X from Cooler Master debuted last year. However, it makes a return for CES 2024 with the hopes that it will finally release this year. For around $7000, no less.

For those unaware, the Shark X gaming PC is a shark-shaped PC, standing at three feet and, for most gamers, probably isn't worth it when you see the specs don't match the price. However, it look absolutely awesome, and if we had the money to waste, we'd probably buy it.

Lenovo Thinkbook 5 Plus Gen Hybrid in front of a blurred CES image
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Credit: Lenovo

Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 5 Hybrid

With a name that doesn't match its practicality, we think Lenovo's upcoming device is one that sounds weird on paper, but actually has a lot of potential. This is because it isn't just one computer, but technically two, as it can double as both an Android tablet and a Windows laptop.

It's a strange Frankenstein's monster of a design, where it acts as two different entities that can also be used simultaneously. Of course, this is likely only for those who want both Android and Windows devices, especially with a roughly $2000 price tag. But it's certainly grown on us.

MSI Claw in front of a blurred CES image
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Credit: MSI

MSI Claw

The battle for the best gaming handheld is heating up, and another player is taking part. The MSI Claw has a unique characteristic, offering an Intel-based handheld PC as opposed to the Steam Deck, ASUS ROG Ally, and Lenovo Legion Go's AMD internals.

With the MSI Claw release date coming up, it's going to be interesting to see how well this does in the current market. MSI seem confident at least, considering the company is planning future versions of Claw already. However, we love competition, and we're excited to see more of this device soon.

AMD RX 7600 XT in front of a blurred CES image
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Credit: AMD

AMD RX 7600 XT

Offering a staggering 16GB of VRAM, AMD's upcoming RX 7600 XT is definitely a budget-friendly GPU. While the list of the best graphics cards is already packed, this might be a great option for gamers looking to spend less on a 1080p or 1440p card, with AMD comparing it's performance to the 2060 and 4060.

The RX 7600 XT release date is already a packed date for AMD too, with the company releasing a new frame generation tech that works on all DirectX 11 or 12 games on the same day. Suffice to say, AMD is starting the year off with a bang.

Nvidia RTX 4000 Super cards showcased in press image from Nvidia
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Credit: Nvidia

RTX 4000 Super cards

On the Team Green side of things, Nvidia is set to release a bunch of new GPUs in January with the 4080, 4070 Ti, and 4070 Super release date coming up. The cards have been a poorly kept secret, with Nvidia announcing them and deleting it before the keynote itself, however, the 40-series Super cards are also priced competitively against AMD's best offerings, which makes it a very exciting announcement on its own.

We have yet to see how the new cards from Nvidia work in real life, but you can win a 4080 Super if you're willing to take the chance. And who doesn't like free hardware?

Yellow Clicks keyboard case on an iPhone in front of a blurred CES image
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Credit: Clicks Technology

Clicks iPhone keyboard case

2011 is so back with the Clicks iPhone keyboard-case that delivers a Blackberry-like physical keeb that offers tactile-feeling buttons and a backlight. While the product was revealed just before CES started, the product was showcased at the event, so we count it on this list.

The best part about Clicks compared to other attempts in the past is the fact that it also uses iPhone shortcuts when doing certain commands on the keyboard. We're definitely excited to see it in action, and pre-orders are already available for it too.

MSI MEG 321URX monitor in front of a blurred image of CES
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Credit: MSI


While it sounds like a string of random letters that form a product number, this title holds an unassuming secret behind it. That's because the MSI MEG 321URX is not just a random 32-inch monitor offering 4K resolution and a QD-OLED with 240Hz refresh rate, but instead, it's because it helps you cheat. Yes, that's right.

According to MSI, it can work in games like Warzone and League of Legends, and since all of the cheating is done via an AI on your monitor, anti-cheat engines won't be able to know you're cheating. It sounds ridiculous, and a bit of a cop-out, but it's still impressive nonetheless.

Sony MR/AR headset

Sony's PlayStation VR2 is still in a tough competition, trying to become one of the best VR headsets, but ahead of the Apple Vision Pro release date, Sony is coming in hot with the reveal of its own AR headset. Unfortunately, it's specs don't seem as impressive as Apple's offering, but its exciting to have some more competition nonetheless.

Unlike the PSVR2, the upcoming headset from Sony is focused on business uses, but we're hopeful that it can provide another look at a potential AR future alongside the Apple Vision Pro. And hopefully, it'll be a lot cheaper too.

Those are some of our favourite tech and gadgets showcased during CES 2024 last week. While we won't see the showcase again until next year, there's still plenty of awesome tech to be revealed and announced this year, but CES has definitely given us a good look of what may come in 2024.

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