You can win an RTX 4080 SUPER autographed by NVIDIA's CEO

Nvidia RTX 4080 SUPER and box signed by the CEO
Credit: Nvidia

Nvidia RTX 4080 SUPER and box signed by the CEO
Credit: Nvidia

In celebration of its announcements at CES 2024, as well as the new line up of 40-series Super cards, Nvidia is giving fans a chance to win a new RTX 4080 Super signed by Nvidia's CEO, Jensen Huang.

Ahead of the 4080 Super release date, which is coming later this month, you could be in for the chance to take home a Founder's Edition 4080 Super. While that's a good enough reason to take part in the giveaway, having it signed by the CEO himself is the icing on the cake.

Entering the competition is fairly simple too - especially if you're attending CES 2024 already. You can head to Nvidia's CES booth to enter the sweepstakes, or if you're like us and couldn't make it to the convention, you can enter via social media too.

For example, you can enter the Twitter version of the giveaway by simply commenting #RTXSUPER under the post and liking it, which will give you a chance to win the prize. Unfortunately, it seems like there's only one signed RTX 4080 Super going, so you'll have to cross your fingers and hope you're lucky.

For those unaware, NVIDIA recently announced the line up of 40-series Super cards coming this month, with the 4080 Super, 4070 Ti Super, and 4070 Super all tempting you to upgrade to the Ada Lovelace GPUs. Nvidia also accidentally leaked the GPUs ahead of the official reveal, but we were still excited to see them unveiled anyway.

The 4080 Super is arguably the closest to its non-Super variant, at least on paper. The 4070 Ti Super offers a great improvement over the base model, increasing the VRAM by 4GB and seeing a roughly 20% improvement, at least in theory. We'll have to see how the GPUs perform in real-world settings soon.

If you're hoping to upgrade your GPU after years of pushing the 1080 to the limits (who can blame you), you can check out our 4080 Super vs 7900 XTX guide to see whether you should go Team Red or Team Green.

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