MSI already plans to make new versions of its Claw handheld PC

MSI Claw in front of a blurred purple MSI background
Credit: MSI

MSI Claw in front of a blurred purple MSI background
Credit: MSI

CES 2024 was packed with some incredible announcements, but not many were as exciting as the reveal of the MSI Claw, the upcoming handheld gaming PC from MSI powered by Intel instead of AMD, which many rival handheld PCs are.

While the MSI Claw was teased and leaked ahead of the reveal, the specs definitely put the MSI Claw as a top rival for the Steam Deck, ASUS ROG Ally, and Lenovo Legion Go. And the best gaming handheld competition is truly heating up, forcing competitors like AYANEO to release budget-friendly options for gamers to enjoy.

However, the fact that the MSI Claw release date hasn't even arrived yet isn't stopping MSI from looking to the future of the handheld. During an interview with IGN, Clifford Chun, System Product Managing Director MSI confirmed that future versions of the Claw are in the pipeline.

Looking to the future, as games demand more from hardware, Chun said this regarding the lifespan of the MSI Claw - "So just like our laptops, our aim for users who use this is going to be roughly about two to three years, because every two, three years, game titles do demand a lot more."

How many versions have MSI got planned then? Well, Chun commented that "We are anticipating to come out version 2, version 3, version 4 down the road, and it's already in the pipeline", meaning there may be up to a fourth generation of MSI Claw.

Obviously, while the plans might be in the works right now, things could change very quickly. If Claw doesn't sell too well, or the handheld PC market starts winding down, MSI could potentially stop short of the fourth version. However, it's promising that MSI anticipates the Claw selling well enough for future versions at the very least.

Aside from the Claw, MSI has had a very busy CES this year. Not only has it announced a line of limited-edition MSI x Monster Hunter hardware, but MSI also revealed a monitor that helps you cheat in games. Yes, you read that right. We're also excited to see what MSI's new 12VO motherboards and PSUs are capable of for PC building.

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