Spider-Man producer Amy Pascal walks back on new trilogy plans

With the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Peter Parker’s tenure in the MCU could be up. However, with the massive popularity of the character's MCU adventures, it wouldn't make sense for Sony and Marvel to scrap the series.

In a pleasing move for Spidey fans everywhere, Sony producer Amy Pascal previously revealed that a new trilogy was in the works. Unfortunately, just a week after, Pascal is already walking back on her prior announcement.

A new Spider-Man trilogy depends on Tom Holland

In an interview with Variety, Pascal shut down talks about the next generation of Spidey movies. Pascal explained that, in her role of a producer, she is merely hoping to continue Tom Holland's Spidey career.

"As long as [Holland] wants to make Spider-Man movies, we will make Spider-Man movies,” Pascal told the outlet. "But I'm a producer, and I always think everything's going to work out."

Pascal was asked whether or not future Spidey movies would keep Tom Holland as the title webhead. However, the producer was unable to confirm if he would return, only that she wants him to.  

“Don't get me in trouble again,” Pascal said. “If I have my way, we will,” she concluded.

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Evidence of Miles Morales

In Marvel comics, Peter Parker is not the only Spider-Person. In fact, there’s Ben Reilly, Gwen Stacy, Cindy Moon, fan-favourite Miles Morales and many more. Furthermore, there's always space to create even more Spider-People.

As it turns out, Sony may actually be looking to create films based on other versions of Marvel's webhead. For example, the company is pushing for a TV show based on Silk, aka, Cindy Moon. Additionally, there are alleged plans for a Miles Morales movie.

As the second most popular Spider-Man, a Miles Morales movie would make the most sense after Peter Parker. While nothing has been confirmed by Sony or Marvel, it would be a good move for the two to continue making Spidey films.

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