Miles Morales live-action Spider-Man movie in early development at Sony

After three live-action incarnations of Peter Parker in a row, is it finally time for a new movie webhead? Allegedly, higher-ups at Sony believe its finally time to capitalise on the character's popularity.

According to reliable Marvel Insider Daniel Richtman, Sony is looking to finally bring Miles Morales to the big screen. However, that could mean that Tom Holland's Peter Parker would end up taking a massive back seat.

Sony planning Miles Morales MCU movie

Richtman claims that Sony is planning to create a new franchise surrounding the popular Spider-Man successor. After the critical acclaim of Into the Spider-Verse and the recent PS5 Miles game, the character’s popularity is at its height.

The Insider claims that discussions at Sony have only just started. Additionally, it does seem that plans for the character are a backup for when Tom Holland inevitably doesn't want to be Spider-Man anymore. Nevertheless, a live action interpretation of one of the coolest webhead’s would be a fantastic opportunity.

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How will the character fit into the MCU?

Spider-Man: Homecoming already laid the foundations for Miles Morales’ appearance in the future of the MCU. In the movie, Donald Glover — who once campaigned to be a live action Miles — plays Aaron Davis. Aaron Davis is the uncle of Miles and is eventually unmasked as The Prowler. Glover was also supposed to return for Far From Home, but was cut.

If Aaron Davis already exists in the MCU, then Miles should as well. Additionally, Marvel is already swapping out its first generation of superheroes for a younger, more diverse generation. Iron-Man is now Ironheart, Hawkeye is Kate Bishop, Sam Wilson is now Captain America.

If Miles Morales is introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the next few phases, he’ll fit right into the MCU’s Young Avengers. No matter what happens, it's an exciting time to be a fan of the Spider-Man universe.

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Into the Spider-Verse 2

Before Miles introduction to the Marvel Cinematic Universe the character has unfinished business. In an alternate universe, the beloved Spider-Verse character will be receiving an animated sequel. O

Currently scheduled for 2022, the untitled Spider-Verse sequel will see Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy and Miles Morales team up again. Additionally, the movie looks to be introducing even more multiverse wall crawlers.

For example, the ending of the first movie teased the introduction of Miguel O'Hara. Also known as Spider-Man 2099, the futuristic superhero was a 90s successor to Peter Parker. In the post-credits of Spider-Verse, O'Hara was voiced by Oscar Isaac.

There will likely be even more new public menaces appearing in the new animated movie. Unfortunately, we have no idea who they could possibly be. Maybe Spiders-Man? Or Silk? There's too many to choose from!

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