Andrew Garfield reveals his unexpected favourite Spider-Man suit

The Amazing Spider-Man and Tick, Tick... BOOM actor Andrew Garfield loves Marvel's web-slinger. Garfield dressed up as the iconic comic character at three years old and has shared his love for the Raimi trilogy. He's undoubtedly a part of the Spider-Man fandom.

However, in the Spider-Man fandom, there's a common battle over the best Spidey costumes. Among fans, it's a brutal battle, but what does an ex-Spidey star think about the characters on-screen design?

What is Andrew Garfield’s favourite Spider-Man suit?

In a video by GQ, Garfield was tasked with deciding what his favourite Spidey costume is. The actor was asked about his appearance in No Way Home and whether or not his webhead would like Iron Man. However, this was a far more burning query.

Responding to an Instagram post, Garfield was asked to pick a favourite between three Spider-Man suits. The post asked viewers to pick between the iconic Raimi suit, The Amazing Spider-Man suit and the MCU’s Advanced Suit.

Garfield’s answer was an unexpected one. While the actor has often cited his adoration of the Raimi trilogy, Garfield revealed he thinks Tom Holland's suit is the best of the three. However, he also believed his Amazing Spider-Man 2 suit was the best overall, but it wasn't in the post.

“Um, I, out of these three, I like Tom’s the best,” Garfield said. “But I like the one from Amazing Spider-Man 2 the best. I think it's great.”

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What suit will Andrew Garfield wear in Spider-Man: No Way Home?

It would be impossible to discuss Spider-Man suits without linking it back into Spider-Man: No Way Home. Not only is the actor rumoured to return for the movie, but multiple leaks have shown the actor in his costume.

In the leaks, Andrew Garfield’s webhead is wearing his costume from Amazing Spider-Man 2. Instead of the first film’s handmade ski-style outfit, the more professional sequel suit is being used. Honestly, it's the best choice.

While Marvel certainly could've given the superhero a new outfit for No Way Home, fans do adore the established outfit. Garfield is right — the costume is a beautiful, comic-accurate suit that really speaks to Spidey fans. If the actor is actually in No Way Home, then this suit is the best choice.

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