Amazing Spider-Man Peter Parker wouldn't like MCU Iron Man, says Andrew Garfield

When Sony launched The Amazing Spider-Man in 2012, fans hoped Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker would join the MCU. This almost happened before the release of The Avengers; TASM's Oscorp tower was supposed to feature in the MCU's first ensemble movie. Obviously, those plans fell through.

However, Andrew Garfield's ever-so-charming webhead will reportedly join the MCU with Spider-Man: No Way Home. Unfortunately, the angstier wall-crawler won't be meeting any of the original Avengers, just other versions of himself. But what if he did?

The Amazing Spider-Man would not have got along with Iron Man

In an interview with GQ, ex-Spidey actor Andrew Garfield explained that his version of the public menace would have very different opinions on Iron Man. Compared to Tom Holland's idolised affection for Tony Stark, Garfield’s Parker would be far less fond of the billionaire.

In the interview, Garfield notes that his quieter, more reserved Parker would dislike Stark’s excess. It makes sense, even in his universe, his billionaire friend Harry Osborn is far less flashy than Stark. Although, Osborn does become evil.

Garfield said:

“I definitely think Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man would be pretty suspect of MCU Iron Man. I think he would be a little turned off by the excess, the billionaire, trillionaire status of Iron Man. I think it would rub my version of Spider-Man the wrong way. But maybe there could be some influence there. Maybe my Peter Parker could wake Tony Stark up to his own egoic drives a little bit.”

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Garfield vs Holland

At this point, there's no signs as to whether or not Iron Man exists in The Amazing Spider-Man universe. If Garfield's webhead is indeed in Spider-Man: No Way Home, then there could be an Iron Man equivalent in his world.

However, if there is, there’s no reason why those two would get along. Even in the comics, the poor, unlucky. Peter Parker doesn't really get along with Tony Stark. As Garfield explains, that excess in the polar opposite of Parker..

Tom Holland's Spider-Man is more privileged than most incarnations of Spidey. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but his strong relationship with Stark does lead to a large degree of affection. It's not a relationship ever explored before, and it's intriguing.

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