Tom Holland thinks Andrew Garfield's web-shooters “don't make sense”

Amid rumours that Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire are returning to Spider-Man, fans have been discussing their favourite webheads. Is Maguire the GOAT? Is Garfield underrated? The Spider-Man discussions keep on coming, even from Spider-Man actor Tom Holland.

In the upcoming book The Moviemaking Magic of Marvel Studios: Spider-Man, Holland finally gets to discuss past Spideys. One passage, via The Direct, reveals the actor's thoughts on movie versions of an iconic wallcrawler gadget: web shooters.

The history of Spider-Man Web shooters

Traditionally, Spider-Man’s iconic web-slinging isn’t inherited from an encounter with a radioactive arachnid. In the comics, Peter Parker creates his webs as a dissolvable substance that he fires from wrist-mounted web shooters. It's a gadget as iconic as Captain America's shield or Batman's batarangs.

Tobey Maguire’s 2002 debut as Spidey was supposed to have web-shooters. Multiple scenes were filmed with the gadget but were removed in post production. Instead, Maguire’s Peter Parker organically shot webs out of his wrists which is very gross.

PSX Tobey Maguire spider web shooters
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Tobey Maguire's deleted web shooters.

The Amazing Spider-Man released in 2012 and brought the web shooters to the screen for the cinema screen. In the film, Andrew Garfield’s webhead designs small, easily disguised wrist attachments. For Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in 2016’s Civil War, the web shooters were a chunkier, comic-accurate design.

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Tom Holland thinks Garfield’s web shooters are unrealistic

There's been much debate regarding which movie Spider-Man has the best costume and the best gadgets. However, Tom Holland has weighed in on the debate regarding which Spidey has the best web shooters. Essentially, he does. Furthermore, he thinks Andrew Garfield's web-shooters don't make sense.

PSX Tom Holland making webs
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Holland said:

The old-school web-shooters are so cool. They're really big and chunky, they're really mechanical, and if you press the button, everything moves... What I love about his original web-shooters is they're as real as they could be. I know that's like impossible to make a thing that shoots web out of your hand, but the one thing with [the web-shooters in] Andrew [Garfield]'s movie is that they were so small and so compact, it didn't really make much sense to me. But this is a big chunky thing that a kid would make in his room."

If Holland and Garfield do end up sharing the screen in No Way Home, it would be cool to see this addressed. If there is an on-screen argument regarding the gadget, it'll be hilarious to see both Spidey’s react to Maguire’s gross bodily functions.

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