Should I update to iOS 18?

iphone 15 grey back with blue ios 18 logo at the right side

iphone 15 grey back with blue ios 18 logo at the right side

The iOS 18 is shaping up to be one of Apple's most promising and exciting new OS upgrades. With the era of AI upon us in full swing and the S24 Ultra showcasing a huge leap forward in the technology. It's no surprise that Apple isn't one to shy away and stay behind. So today, we'll discuss if the changes are enough to make it worthwhile to update to iOS 18.

However, with any new technology, whether hardware or software, there will be bugs and quirks that need to be hammered out. Sometimes, these are bad enough to make the technology useless at launch until the issues are fixed. So today, we will go over the pros and cons and decide if you should update to iOS 18.

Be sure to learn everything about the iOS 18 including its release date and an in-depth look at what's new in iOS 18.

Should you update to iOS 18?

The answer is obviously yes. However, you'll have to wait for iOS 18 to release. However, there is no need to jump to iOS 18 immediately, as it's better to be on the safe side. We suggest waiting a week or two after launch to update your device to Apple's latest OS for your iPhone. This is because iOS 18 could potentially have security vulnerabilities or other bugs that must be resolved after its initial launch.

As for why you should update to iOS 18, there are dozens of reasons. iOS 17 had already set the bar high and introduced impressive features such as the option for sideloading apps and games and stolen device protection. iOS 18 goes several leaps ahead in terms of technology, following in the footsteps of the Samsung S24 Ultra and going all in on the AI aspect.

  • Revamped Siri with advanced AI
  • AI integration across apps
  • Generative AI in iWork and Xcode
  • RCS support for improved messaging
  • Focus on stability and bug fixes

As long as the AI implementations are done tastefully and aren't intrusive on the overall user experience, then updating to iOS 18 is a safe bet. You can read into the details of these AI features in our full breakdown of the new iOS 18 features.

Lastly, those running models older than the iPhone 11 might be out of luck as Apple usually continues software support for their devices up to 5 years after release. iPhone 10 and older models might not have the option to upgrade to iOS 18.

iOS 18 is the most exciting new software currently in the works from Apple, and we're excited to get our hands on the new update. You should also learn how to update to iOS 18 quickly and head off to our other iOS guides, including how to stream games to iOS and how to cancel iOS subscriptions.

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