How to sideload apps and games in iOS 17.4

An image of iOS 17.4 sideloading

Are you curious about sideloading apps and games on your iPhone with iOS 17.4 but not sure where to start? You're in the right place! This guide is designed specifically for users who are eager to explore this new feature.

The iOS 17.4 update marks the most significant transformation of iOS in over a decade, introducing support for alternative app stores. This groundbreaking change allows users in the European Union to download apps and games outside the Apple App Store.

However, this new feature has an important catch, which we will delve into later in the guide. But now, let us focus on the essentials - guiding you through the process of sideloading on your iPhone with iOS 17.4.

How to sideload apps and games on iPhone

To sideload apps and games on an iPhone with iOS 17.4 or later in the EU, you first need to download an "alternative app marketplace" from the marketplace's website. Once this marketplace app is installed on your device, you have the freedom to browse and install various apps and games available through this platform.

However, the caveat is that you can only install third-party app stores that have received Apple's approval. This means that these marketplaces must comply with specific guidelines set by Apple, including robust financial backing, evidenced by requirements like a letter of credit valued at a minimum of €1 million.

What is sideloading in iOS 17.4?

Sideloading in iOS 17.4 allows users to download and install apps from third-party app marketplaces, not just the Apple App Store. This feature is primarily available to users in the European Union in compliance with the Digital Markets Act.

While sideloading introduces greater flexibility and choice for users by allowing downloads from third-party app stores, it also opens new avenues for malware, as these external sources may not have the same stringent security checks as the Apple App Store.

To combat the potential security risks of sideloading, Apple has implemented the Notarization process. This process requires all apps to pass safety and security checks, thereby ensuring a baseline of security for all downloaded apps.

That covers everything about sideloading apps and games in iOS 17.4. Before you head off, make sure you check out the best apps for iPhone and learn how to set up voicemail on iPhone.

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