iOS 17.4 overhauls Apple Podcasts into something great

The Apple logo on a selection of Apple Podcasts 17.4 auto transcripts

The Apple logo on a selection of Apple Podcasts 17.4 auto transcripts

Apple Podcasts is completely overhauled in iOS 17.4, bringing a brand-new live transcript feature to every episode of your favourite audio show.

The latest update to iOS 17 brings live transcripts to every podcast episode on the built-in app. Once you’re on iOS 17.4, you’ll be able to simply press the speech bubble icon to see a fullscreen transcript of what you’re listening to.

As the episode goes on, the Apple Podcasts app will follow along, giving you new automatically generated transcripts of the conversation. The transcript even highlights the specific line you’re on, allowing you to follow along as you listen.

Additionally, the new Apple Podcasts feature will also allow you to tap on a line in the transcript to move backward or forward through the episode. Seen a joke you missed? Just tap it and listen to it again. You can even copy the text and paste it to a friend!

Finally, Apple has included a search function that will allow you to search keywords or phrases and find them throughout the episode.

Transcripts are available in a variety of languages at launch, including English, French, German, and Spanish. Transcripts are currently automatically generated for new episodes with older episodes receiving them in the future. Furthermore, those who upload podcasts via Apple’s internal podcast network can upload their own transcripts that will be entirely accurate.

With podcasts becoming even more popular in recent years, Apple’s improvements to its long-running podcasting app are essential. As more apps, including Spotify and Amazon Music, take on the podcast market, Apple’s outdated platform does need a refresh.

The overhauled Apple Podcasts app isn’t releasing to the public until March. However, those who sign up for the iOS 17.4 public beta will be able to try it out right now for free.

iOS 17.4 will release for the iPhone XR and above this March.

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