How to cancel Apple iOS subscriptions

Unsubscribing from monthly payments on Apple platforms isn't as easy as it first appears. Unfortunately, iOS subscriptions have a specific way of being cancelled that can lead to some confusion for the everyday user.

If left alone, recurring subscriptions will automatically charge you for continued use. Even if you don't use these apps, you'll have to unsubscribe to make sure you're not getting charged.

Here’s how to cancel subscriptions on Apple iOS.

How to stop subscriptions in iOS 

As subscriptions are automated on Apple hardware, they need to be stopped if you decide to stop using a particular service. To unsubscribe on iOS devices, follow these steps: 

  1. Open up your Settings app. 
  1. Tap on your name and choose Subscriptions. 
  2. Pick which subscriptions would you like to stop. 
  3. Press the Cancel Subscription or Cancel Free Trial to proceed. 
  4. The app will show you the due date of the subscription to know when it’ll end. 
  5. Press Confirm to proceed and the subscription will be cancelled. 

Some subscriptions are deactivated completely upon the time of unsubscribing. However, some subscriptions will keep providing services up until the date that would've charged you next.

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Subscription problems 

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Some subscription services on iOS can be a bigger problem as they need to be cancelled inside the original app. While most subscriptions are conveniently gathered in one area, these are hidden deep within the settings of that specific app. 

If you're having issues with an app like this, don't worry. Firstly, open the app. Secondly, navigate to the settings. Thirdly, find the subscriptions options and follow the appropriate steps to cancel it.

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