PS5 Standard Edition vs PS5 Digital Edition: Should you buy the cheap PlayStation 5 version without a disc drive?

Sony has revealed the PS5 console design, and the company has also confirmed you'll have two versions of the next-gen console to choose from: a regular PS5 Standard Edition, and a PS5 Digital Edition that does not have a disc drive.

Sony even went so far as to reveal a whole range of products that will tie in with the PS5: there will be a camera and a headset, and the DualSense controller (which is now confirmed to have motion controls).

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With both the PS5 Standard Edition and the PS5 Digital Edition now having official Amazon product pages - and you can click either of those links to go to them - this battle is starting to feel a bit more real!

Read on for some thoughts on which version of the PS5 you should buy...

What is the difference between the PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition?

Pretty simple, this one! If you look at the PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition next to one another in the image below, you'll see that one has a disc drive and the other does not...

PS5 console design range of products
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To put it even more simply, the regular PS5 will be able to use discs, but the PS5 Digital Edition will require you to download all your games straight from the web. This, of course, is already fairly common.

It remains to be seen whether the PS5 Digital Edition will have more storage space than your standard PS5, but we wouldn't be surprised!

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Why buy the PS5 Digital Edition?

If you're wondering why anyone would buy a PS5 Digital Edition instead of the disc-loving PS5, you've got to assume that the digital version will be cheaper for people to buy.

Microsoft followed a similar tact with the Xbox One S All-Digital (humorously nicknamed the Xbox One SAD), which launched in 2019 as a disc-free version of the Xbox One - it was available at some very low price points, and even dropped to £99 in one memorable sale!

However, it's worth remembering that buying a digital-only console could cost you MORE in the long run, since you can't pick up second-hand games or trade-in your discs when you're finished with them.

While the PS5 price has not yet been revealed, we wouldn't be surprised to see the Digital Edition being marketed as a cheaper entry point to the PS5 world for people that can't afford the mainline version.

Click away to the PS5 Standard Edition and the PS5 Digital Edition Amazon product pages at those links if you fancy registering your interest in either of them!

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