Project xCloud: Does the Razer Kishi controller work with Xbox Game Pass and xCloud mobile streaming?

Project xCloud's release is almost upon us, with the streaming service coming to Android devices on September 15.

While the standard Xbox controller and even the PS4's DualShock are both compatible with xCloud streaming on mobile devices, they're not exactly built with on-the-go gaming in mind.

The Nintendo Switch's Joy-Con controllers have proved to be revolutionary in the portable gaming market. The two controllers, which attach to either side of the Switch, make handheld gaming incredibly easy. In a similar vein, the new Razer Kishi controller is set to offer a remarkable handheld gaming experience for those looking to play Halo Infiniteor any other Xbox-exclusives on their mobile. Here's what we know.

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What is the Razer Kishi controller?

The Razer Kishi is Razer's latest gaming accessory, designed specifically for a console-like gaming experience on mobile devices.

Rather than separating into two controllers like the Switch's Joy-Cons, however, the Razer Kishi instead stretches out and clamps onto either side of your smartphone device.

Unlike traditional mobile controllers, the Kishi connects directly into your device's charging port, allowing for low-latency gameplay and no input lag that often comes with Bluetooth controllers.

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Does the Razer Kishi work with xCloud?

Yes, the Razer Kishi device will work with xCloud streaming, just as it also works with Google Stadia for Android.

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Hopefully, this one has no drift...

Razer has partnered with Xbox to re-release the Razer Kishi as the Razer Kishi for Android (Xbox). The Xbox edition has an updated button branding to reflect the traditional Xbox controller, but aside from this appears to offer no new features compared to the base Kishi.

We should also note, however, that the Kishi will not work with particularly large mobile devices that do not fit into the grip, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, for example.

Where can I buy a Razer Kishi?

If you're wanting to buy the Xbox-branded Razer Kishi, the controller is available from Razer's website or the official Microsoft Store for $99 in the US. For UK players, the controller can be bought from Razer for £99 or from Microsoft for the same price. The Xbox edition comes with a free 14-day trial of Xbox Game Pass.

There is a cheaper version, however. The Kishi without the Xbox-branding is available from Razer for $79 in the US and £79 in the UK. You can also buy the controller from Amazon for £76.83.

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