The Best iPhone Emulator Rebels Against Surprise Lawsuit

best iphone emulator gets caught in legal trouble
Credit: Nintendo

best iphone emulator gets caught in legal trouble
Credit: Nintendo


  • Delta, the best iPhone emulator, gets caught in some legal trouble
  • Adobe is suing Delta because the app's icon looks similar to Adobe's
  • Delta will change their logo, but they're rebelling by breaking up the A in their logo

One of the most popular iPhone emulators got into legal trouble recently and it has nothing to do with Nintendo, to the surprise of many. The company has rebelled against this suit slightly and it will be interesting to see what comes from this, if anything does.

According to Eurogamer (via The Verge), Adobe sued the devs of the Delta emulator app, as the logo looks a bit like Adobe's. Lawyers from Adobe’s side contacted Delta earlier this month, politely asking them to change the logo so that nobody confuses the two. Before Delta could reply, Apple told them that the similarities between their app and Adobe’s could lead to them getting delisted.

“We responded to both Apple and Adobe explaining our icon was a stylized Greek letter delta — not an A — but that we would update the Delta logo anyway to avoid confusion,” Riley Testut tells The Verge.

Delta will be changing the app’s logo soon, though the iPhone emulator’s app still looks like the old one but broken up. For the time being, this will be the app’s new look until the devs finish up the final logo that they will eventually use.

Interestingly enough, Delta actually acknowledged this on the app’s store page, where they revealed the logo change was due to Adobe’s lawsuit. This might be the first time a lawsuit was mentioned in the App Store page and it’s interesting seeing the folks at Delta rebel like this.

Delta addresses the Adobe lawsuit
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Credit: Delta/Apple

For those unaware, Delta is one of the more robust iPhone emulators to date, letting gamers play a ton of Nintendo systems on their iPhone. At the time of writing, this emulator lets Apple users play games from the NES, SNES, N64, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and DS. Mobile users can download this app now with no real consequence, as Apple has now allowed emulators for their phones and tablets.

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