Paris Hilton claims to be the Queen of the Metaverse

Paris Hilton is a name most haven’t thought of in a long time. A shining star of the early 2000s, the celebrity was known for anything from a hit reality show to a music career and, of course, a very famous sex tape.

With absolutely everyone forgetting what an absolute banger, Hilton is hoping to make a comeback as Queen of the Metaverse.

After taking part in a couple of online events, Hilton is hoping that her Queen of the Metaverse nickname will stick. Allegedly, the actress has seen great success during these events, but will other people end up calling her that ridiculous nickname?

Why is Paris Hilton is Queen of the Metaverse?

Hilton recently took part in a digital event on Roblox, where over 400,000 users interacted with her via their online avatars. At the time of writing, it’s not known what percentage of attendees actually know who Paris Hilton is or how many are just children going to the popular thing online.

Speaking with CNN, Hilton noted how she has always been “an undercover nerd” and loves how technology affects the future.

"I've always been an undercover nerd, so I've been obsessed with anything to do with technology and the future," Hilton told CNN Business. "Now my new nickname is 'The Queen of the Metaverse.'"

This isn’t the first time Paris Hilton has taken part in Roblox events, as the Queen of the Metaverse also hosted a New Year’s Eve online party in the service. Unsurprisingly, this took place in an area called Paris World where users could buy virtual clothes with currency. Gotta love online parties.

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She's also deep into crypto and NFTs

Beyond wanting to be Queen of the Metaverse, Paris Hilton has also decided to invest heavily in NFTs. She’s far from the first celebrity invested in the cryptoart fad so the news isn’t surprising at all, but she is one of the most prominent.

Hilton’s NFT obsession even made for one of the most painful experiences of TV's entire existence. In a painful 77-second settlement on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Hilton peddled one of her disgusting Bored Ape NFTs.

Furthermore, the “Queen” has also invested in digital avatar startup Genies, as well as the animation app immi. These services are both targeted toward NFT owners, allowing them to bring their ugly drawings to life.

In fairness to Hilton, she knows how to play the game. Recently, the celebrity sold one of her NFTs for $1.111 million. After all, she was one of the first celebrities to back crypto, giving it a voice way back in 2019.

This NFT was called the Iconic Crypto Queen — a nickname she doesn't want apparently — which Hilton created with NFT artist Blake Kathryn. Maybe that NFT won't get stolen before it gets a TV show.

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