Playboy Metaverse announced as a virtual world to crush Onlyfans

It looks like OnlyFans is about to have some sexy competition as the Playboy Mansion prepares to enter the metaverse with its Centerfold platform. Like OnlyFans, the Playboy Metaverse Centerfold will be a home for content creators who want to share their more “private” photos, videos, and livestreams with fans of the naughty variety.

Playboy has higher hopes for Centerfold than just competing with OnlyFans and other explicit platforms. There is hope that entering the metaverse with Centerfold will be their way of entering its massive digital ecosystem. And yes, NFTs are involved.

Playboy Metaverse enters the Web3 rabbit hole

After ending the publishing of Playboy Magazine, supposedly due to the pandemic, Playboy has tried growing its digital presence. In addition to launching Centerfold, Playboy’s attempts to get a ton of metaverse money includes launching a massive NFT collection, creating a Discord channel, and hiring a Web3 community manager.

Out of all the Playboy metaverse projects, Centerfold is their biggest one yet. The platform has been able to attract celebrities like Cardi B, Gigi Goode, Amanda Cerny, and Ana Foxxx, which is fairly impressive. However, Centerfold is still an unproven product, especially when compared to how successful OnlyFans is, but there are high hopes that it will grow into something bigger.

“We believe Centerfold can shake up the creator economy just as Playboy Magazine shook up the publishing world.”
Rachel Webber (PLBY Group chief brand officer) via MorningBrew

At the time of writing, we're not quite clear what the Playboy Metaverse is. Will it be a full 3D VR world with Playboy avatars, like Meta's version of the technology? Or will it just be a 3D representation of explicit content? Honestly, we don't know, but isn't that the whole issue with the metaverse bandwagon?

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Can Playboy compete with OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is currently in a league of its own, with various reports claiming that the platform was able to rake in $1.2 billion in revenue last year. Still, Playboy has been able to make a neat $247 million since entering the metaverse so we think it's doing well.

In the end, more options for content creators are always a good thing so Playboy’s Centerfold is a win for them. While the need to sell NFTs can be eye-roll-inducing, this could be a solid way for Playboy to rebuild its brand. Plus, who can complain about more porn? We won't, that's for sure.

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