Making The Witcher documentary DROPS on Netflix: Check out the epic trailer right here

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While fans wait patiently for The Witcher Season 2 to arrive, Netflix has served up a little treat to tide us over: a documentary called Making The Witcher has dropped out of the blue!

Fans are invited to take a journey behind the scenes like so, in the official description: "Go behind the monsters, the ballads, and every bit of magic that went into bringing The Witcher's Continent to life."

The official description adds: Journey into the extraordinary world of "The Witcher" — from casting the roles to Jaskier's catchy song — in this behind-the-scenes look at the series.

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Making The Witcher trailer

Here's the official trailer for Making The Witcher, fresh from Netflix's own YouTube channel...

Making the witcher trailer
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Henry Cavill in training as Geralt. It's a role he eyed up for a long time - he's even a fan of the games!
making the witcher yen
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Anya Chalotra steps in front of the camera as Yen, but here's your chance to see her behind the scenes.
making the witcher henry
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Does Geralt look a little less cool when the cameras stop rolling?

Making The Witcher release date

Making The Witcher is available on Netflix now, so you could say that its release date has been and gone! You could even click right here to fly over to Netflix and watch it now.

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Making The Witcher episodes

Making The Witcher is a one-off special, meaning there is only one episode of the documentary to watch right now. Perhaps another episode will drop after Season 2 of the main show, but that's just a guess on our part.

If you're looking for more behind the scenes stuff: there's also a pre-existing series called The Witcher: Inside The Episodes, which has 8 episodes - one for each chunk of the show itself.

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Making The Wither running time

Making The Witcher runs for 32 minutes, which makes this a perfect little bite-sized bit of entertainment. It won't eat up your whole life, but it will see you through a lunchtime viewing slot very nicely.

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What about The Witcher Season 2?

In other news, The Witcher Season 2 has now resumed production afters its COVID-19 shutdown. You can click here to see Henry Cavill's latest photo from the set.

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