How to change region on Nintendo Switch: Access eShop deals and games from other countries by changing the region on Switch

If you learn how to change the region on your Nintendo Switch, you can travel the world without leaving your sofa... kind of!

It’s no secret that the eShop experience on Switch can be likened to a day out at Poundland sometimes, with deals left right and centre.

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There’s never a week where you won’t be able to get a great deal on a game, or just to spend a quid on something you may have heard about through a social media post.

But because of the Switch being region-free, it’s even easier to buy a game from abroad, and pop it into your console, ready to play.

So with that, he’s a quick guide in being able to change the region of your Switch, so you can take advantage of those deals in other eShop countries.

How to change region on Nintendo Switch

The first option is very simple if you’ve bought a game on a cartridge, especially if there’s a certain game which can only be bought in a certain region, and in a boxed-form.

Go to your ‘Settings’ on Switch, then ‘Region’, and change it to the correct one that lines up with the purchased game. You will need to accept some new terms, and make sure that your Switch is connected to the internet, and that will be it.

The second option is if you want to take advantage of the exchange-rate in USA or Japan. Go to the Nintendo Account site and create a new account. Remember that it needs to be with a different e-mail address, so if you don’t have one, you can create a free one in G-Mail for example. Once you’ve done that, follow the steps as normal.

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Why it's worth changing region on Nintendo Switch

Once you’ve created a different account, you will be able to visit that region’s store to see the deals that are being offered.

There are still games that are exclusively in certain regions, such as Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball, and by using gift-cards for that specific region, the games can be bought with your snazzy new account.

Another benefit is the Switch Online service. Japan features alternative box-artwork and games, so signing up to that will get you ‘NES Tournament Golf SP’, ‘God Slayer’, and perhaps not surprisingly, a ‘Fire Emblem’ entry.

It’s definitely useful to have different regions, as you never know what Nintendo may bring out to other regions, which is just the way of the company. But with no hints as yet to make this processes easier, or even improvements to the eShop UI as a whole, you can easily get your fix of ‘Tsuppari Oozumou’ and show off to your friends in style.

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