Nintendo Switch firmware update 10.0.1 rejigs the eShop (finally!)

It is no secret that Nintendo Switch owners have long wanted more from the handheld’s eShop. Throughout the last three years since the Switch was released, users have complained about how difficult it is to find the game they want on the device’s store.

After all this time, Nintendo has responded and released a subtle yet effective update to its online shop where games, demos and DLC are available to download.

Now, users are able to preview a game and see in-game screenshots cycling when they highlight or hover over a game in the menus. Before the update, users had to navigate through the menus, select a game and search the game page before seeing the images.

This small yet significant change makes it much easier for gamers to preview their next purchase and find information about a chosen game quicker than ever.

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What does the updated Nintendo Switch eShop look like?

As shown off perfectly in the tweet by @NintenDaan, the latest changes mean that images of the game can be seen whilst navigating.

This makes life much easier for users because, before the change, Switch owners had to visit the game page to view screenshots and in-game footage - making the process of looking for new games that little bit more tedious.

How to update Nintendo Switch firmware for update 10.0.1

Updating to latest Switch firmware is very simple – when you log into your Switch, tap the Settings cog on the main menu, and then choose the System tab. From there, you should be able to select the option to update the system.

Alternatively, you could just head to the Nintendo Switch eShop on your console – you’ll then be prompted to update from there, and you should have the revamped eShop running in no time.

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