How to build a Nintendo Switch for cheaper than buying one

It's no secret that there are basically no Nintendo Switch consoles around at the moment. Due to the sheer power of being stuck inside and the appeal of the strange hybrid console, you'll be very lucky indeed to actually get your hands on one.

One of the main issues that have arisen because of this, aside from the fact that you can't buy a Nintendo Switch, is the people on the internet trying to sell them for more than they're worth.

We could easily spend a couple of hundred words on talking about how low you have to be to try and turn a profit from people's desperation, but you can just imagine them for now.

Well, one very inventive Imgur user decided they were sick of the whole fiasco and decided to take matters into their own hands. No, it's not vigilante justice, it's just a little bit of DIY.

How to build your own Nintendo Switch

An Imgur user called Sarbaaz37 bought all of the pieces needed to build a Switch, and then put them all together too. That's an impressive accomplishment in and of itself, but it's not even the best bit.

You only need 22 parts to build your own Nintendo Switch, and you can buy all of them for just under $200 (which is £160 GBP). This is around the same price as a Nintendo Switch Lite, and about a tenth of the price the fools trying to rip you off are charging online.

What's even more amazing is that Sarbaaz37 has put together their own guide on how you can do it yourself. It's something that you'll need a little bit of technical knowhow to manage, but you could well save yourself a fair bit of cash doing it.

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Credit: Sarbaaz37 on Imgur.
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Most impressive! Sarbaaz37 shows off their work on Imgur.

Why build your own Nintendo Switch?

Well, other than saving money and working around the Nintendo Switch stock shortage, it's one hell of a way to kill time, and lord knows we all need ways to kill time at the moment.

Of course, do keep in mind that Nintendo is unlikely to be able to fix your homemade Switch, so you'll need to keep it in good condition and look after it yourself.

Who knows what you could do after building a Switch, maybe start building your own games, build a statue of yourself with massive arms, or maybe even finally fix that curtain rail. We're not the boss of you, we just want you to be happy.

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