How to change region on Xbox One: Access deals and demos from other countries by changing your Xbox One region

Consoles are still region-locked, or at least a lot of the content on them is, so you might be wondering how to change region on Xbox One.

This geo-locking is one of the reasons that a lot of people have multiple Nintendo Switch accounts or PS4 profiles. It lets you access another country's store without actually moving.

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Sometimes other countries just have the best stuff, and rather than doing something foolish like move, it's best to just tell your Xbox One that you're somewhere else.

It's not a perfect solution though, but we'll get into that after we tell you how to actually do it in the first place.

So, here's what you need to know how to change region on Xbox One.

How to change region on Xbox One

Changing your region will allow you to look at another country's bountiful offerings, and it's not even that hard to do. Just follow along with these steps:

  • Sign into your Xbox One
  • Press the Xbox button to bring up the guide
  • Choose Settings
  • Choose All Settings
  • Choose System
  • Choose Language & Location
  • Select a new location from the list
  • Choose Restart Now

That's it, you've officially moved to a different country on your Xbox One, we hope the journey wasn't too intense, because you might be stuck there for a while.

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What are the risks of changing region on Xbox One?

It's worth noting that changing the region on your Xbox One will mean you won't have all of the things that you had in the old region. In fact, the official website lists "Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Game Pass, apps, games, music, movies, payment options, and money in your account".

So, make sure you're sure about changing the region for your account before doing so.

You'll also be unable to change the region again for around three months according to the site, which means you'll be stuck in the US, or wherever you changed to for at least that long.

Don't teleport around the world without thinking seems to be the message here.

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