Hologram wife unable to speak to human husband after update steals her voice

Humanity’s marriage to technology was once a metaphor, but in recent years a number of people have taken the phrase very literally. While some men have taken comfort with a robot companion, Japanese man Akihiko Kondo has taken to loving a hologram wife. (Like in Archer?)

In 2018, Kondo — who identifies as “fictosexual” — officially married a holographic representation of anime vocaloid idol Hatsune Miku. However, four years later, Kondo’s holographic wife is no longer able to speak.

Software update takes out hologram wife

Reported by Japanese outlet The Mainichi, Akihiko Kondo was enjoying his time with his hologram wife. Unfortunately, as with all good love stories, the twists and turns of life brought some unhappy news.

After their $17,000 wedding in 2018, Kondo and Miku spent every day together. At dinner, Miku would sit with Kondo facing him. When Kondo was on the computer, Miku would be behind him, watching what he did.

In order to talk to his hologram wife, Kondo purchased a Hologram Communication Robot. Essentially, the 3D tube displays a holographic representation of the anime character that users can communicate with like a smart assistant.

Over the years, Kondo was happy with his hologram wife. However, during the pandemic, things took a turn for the worst as a software update took away her speech. Suddenly, Kondo and Miku’s frequent conversations were no longer a thing.

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He still loves her

While Kondo’s holographic partner may be mute, the Japanese man is still in love with his virtual spouse. When asked if the lack of conversation with his robotic vocaloid, Kondo explained that he still enjoys the relationship.

"My love for Miku hasn't changed,” he told the Japanese outlet. “I held the wedding ceremony because I thought I could be with her forever."

It doesn’t look like Miku’s Hologram Communication home will get its speech feature returned anytime soon. However, at least Kondo will be satisfied with the hologram’s movement inside of its electronic jar.

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