Apple Vision Pro 2 Scrapped Until Cheaper Units Take Off

A woman wearing an Apple Vision Pro headset in front of a black background.
Credit: Apple

A woman wearing an Apple Vision Pro headset in front of a black background.
Credit: Apple

Last week, Apple's WWDC 2024 event highlighted the upcoming features for VisionOS, as the Vision Pro's operating system is set to receive significant upgrades in its next big update. However, despite the exciting changes on the horizon, Apple may have paused development on the headset's successor.

Even though the Apple Vision Pro's internal hardware positions it as one of the best VR headsets, its steep price deters many from investing in Apple's XR device. With the Meta Quest 3 adopting many of Vision Pro's features and Zuckerberg promoting his company's headset as the superior option, it's no surprise that reviews for the Apple Vision Pro were underwhelming.

Despite the Apple Vision Pro launching in new regions soon, a recent report paints a bleak picture for Apple's entry into the XR market. According to The Information, Apple informed one supplier that the company "has suspended work on its next high-end headset," with analysts citing "slowing sales of the $3,500 device" as the primary reason behind this decision.

Fortunately, Apple still plans to release a rumored cheaper model of the Apple Vision Pro in 2025, according to the report. Likely called the Apple Vision, this budget-friendly option will lack some key features of its more powerful counterpart, similar to how the various iPhone models differ.

However, with the upcoming Meta Quest 3s offering a cheaper alternative to Meta's current flagship device, and the interest around Sony's XR headset and LG's Apple Vision Pro rival, it's difficult to see how Apple can boost sales without a significant change in marketing. The device's high price and office-focused approach, especially in the current economic climate, make it tough to recommend. While sales might rise as the headset becomes available in new markets, it probably won't generate the same hype as Apple's other products.

That said, exclusive content like the Marvel's What If? experience for Apple Vision Pro should attract some potential buyers. If Apple secures more exclusive rights to interesting experiences, we might see the Vision Pro develop a dedicated fanbase in the near future.

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