Augmented Reality ads are already here with Nreal AR glasses

The mixed reality worlds of the metaverse are seen as the future of consumerism for many companies. Augmented Reality company Nreal is embracing this future by bringing video ads for its AR glasses.

No concrete release date has been revealed, but Nreal plans to release "adtech" to its AR glasses later this year. Now you'll never be able to escape the adscape!

Replicating real-life commercialism in an AR world

According to Business Insider, Nreal will be implementing video ads for its AR glasses as a way to bring traditional commercialization to AR worlds. It seems that these video ads are going to be similar to YouTube, in that AR users will be able to skip them after five seconds.

However, it’s worth noting that YouTube have allowed unskippable ads to last for 30 seconds or more these days. In the future, Nreal could end up doing the same.

Brands included as part of Nreal’s adtech solution include L'Oreal, Adidas, Gucci, and Bugatti. Prior to this, brands like Gucci already announced plans to enter the metaverse so seeing them in AR ads isn’t too surprising. Expect more brands to be announced in due time since Nreal’s AR glasses continue to have a growing audience.

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AR advertising on the rise

While brands aren’t spending too much on Nreal’s AR video ads right now, they are expected to grow as the metaverse gains steam. Apparently, AR advertising could reach up to $6.68 billion in 2025, which is up from the $2.86 billion estimated for this year. It’s another way for brands to get ready for the metaverse future.

Reports claim that we will have 100 million AR users by 2025, which is likely why the move to make video ads for AR glasses was made. Considering how brands like Google also have their own AR glasses, with Apple set to join them, expect other companies to jump into the AR video ad bandwagon soon.

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