Arcona Metaverse: Is Arcona Metaverse Decentralised Reality And What Is Arcona Blockchain?

The world is changing rapidly. The lines between reality and virtual reality are becoming increasingly blurred. The future is full of possibilities, and they are all happening right now. That means that we have to be ready for what’s next, and be prepared to take advantage of all the opportunities that it brings. With that in mind, we’ll take a closer look at Arcona Metaverse. It is the platform that will change the world. Let’s take a look at what it’s all about.

Is Arcona Metaverse a Decentralised Reality?

Arcona Metaverse is an Augmented Reality (AR) platform powered by blockchain designed to be completely decentralised and run on a blockchain network. In other words, everything gets encrypted through the blockchain network. This means that all transactions and information are safely stored on the blockchain network; not on a central server. All data are secured, safe, and cannot be changed without the consent of all parties involved.

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What Is Arcona Blockchain?

Arcona Metaverse is an Ethereum powered ecosystem that will merge real and virtual worlds worldwide creating an Augmented Reality layer -  The Digital Land. A user in the real world can experience the Digital Land through an AR viewer and can buy and sell digital assets.

The Digital Land is an asset of cyberspace & the real world and an opportunity to make money. Users can remotely buy, rent, manage, lease and sell their Augmented Reality layer plots with Arcona tokens. On their land, users can create, display, share or sell Augmented Reality content like 3D animations, games, advertisement boards, etc.

Arcona Metaverse uses blockchain as a ledger to identify who owns land or content, and who has the right to transfer it, as well as register all transfers. Smart contracts based on blockchain technology guarantees every content creator and programmer copyright protection and ensure automated payment for the use of their intellectual property.

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