Tesla cuts 30% of car range, charges $4.5k for it back

Tesla has gotten a mixed reception vehicles almost losing their lives over them. While not as bad as dying, one motorist found out how heartless the company can be as Tesla cut a car’s range by 30% and is now charging them $4,500 if they want the old features back.

Tesla makes a car worse and wants money to make it better

A Twitter thread from Jason Hughes revealed that an unnamed driver bought a used 2013 Model S, with this being the third time the vehicle was sold. Hughes explains how the car originally had a 60 kWh battery that was later upgraded under warranty years later to a 90 kWh one by Tesla. No problems thus far.

However, when the motorist wanted to upgrade the computer on his computer, Tesla decided to revert the vehicle’s battery from 90 kWh to 60 kWh again. When the driver asked Tesla to revert the battery back to its previous one, Tesla charged him $4,500 to do so, which is really mean.

As Hughes says, “They basically robbed him and are demanding a ransom to get back what he had before. That's just wrong."

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Tesla won’t help

Unfortunately, while the driver has tried handling this on his own, Hughes has revealed that Tesla is making it difficult and aren’t very cooperative. It seems that the company will not budge when it comes to the price they demanded, to the point that the motorist is considering less than legal means to fix this issue.

"There's hacky ways around this, but none are ideal," he tweeted. "Tesla won't help him at all."

It’s an unfortunate issue and one that makes Tesla look really awful as a result. We hope that the company actually does something to make the situation better but knowing Tesla’s current reputation, that doesn’t seem likely.

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