Tesla driver trapped in burning car as electric doors fail

Tesla’s electronic cars are supposed to be one step toward the future and, for the most part, people would agree that they work well. However, a fear that many had over these electronic cars has come true, as a Vancouver driver’s car suddenly turned off completely while he was driving. Unfortunately, things got worse from there.

Nobody wants to get into a car accident so one can imagine the risks of that happening when your car completely turns off. How bad was the situation? Was it the driver’s fault in any way? Here’s what we know about the situation.

Tesla driver trapped in fire

Jamil Juhta had his Model Y Tesla for eight months before the incident happened. Last Friday, Juhta was driving around as normal when his Tesla turned off completely. The vehicle stopped moving; the doors wouldn't open. We can only imagine the panic he went through, let alone actually living through it.

It just gets worse from there. After the car turned off, Juhta noticed smoke up starting to appear. With the doors refusing to open, the Tesla driver had to forcefully escape by kicking out the car's window. Thankfully, nearby construction workers were able to direct nearby cars out of the way. This allowed the driver to get out, making this bad situation a little more salvageable.

“The doors wouldn’t open,” Jutha told CTV News. “The windows wouldn’t go down.”

An anonymous Twitter user took a picture of the incident, showing that the car was already on fire. The user also claims that the aforementioned construction workers broke the windows for Jamil so he could kick them out.

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How did this happen?

Currently, the Tesla accident is being investigated. Firefighters are also part of the case, as they are trying to figure out why the car suddenly turned off and caught fire. Tesla has not released any statements regarding the car accident, as of this writing.

Juhta criticized the emergency protocol for Tesla’s electric cars, saying that it isn’t intuitive enough. Apparently, the entire door panel is a lever that drivers can bring up so they can get out in an emergency. Despite his criticism, Juhta encourages Tesla drivers to familiarize themselves with the emergency protocols so they will know what to do if they’re ever in the same situation.

This isn't the first time a Tesla driver has been trapped in a flaming car. Back in 2019, one Tesla driver found themselves trapped inside, unable to find the emergency manual handle. Unfortunately, this incident resulted in the death of the driver.

There are constantly issues surrounding Tesla vehicles as of late. For example, a Tesla on autopilot crashed into a $3.5 million jet; that same self-driving tech has been seen swerving towards crowds and getting confused by The Moon. Clearly, the manufacturer isn’t perfect and there are major kinks in need of fixing, but will they get fixed?

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