Best monitor light bars 2024

A black light bar attached to a black monitor with a rocky scene on the display.
Credit: BenQ

A black light bar attached to a black monitor with a rocky scene on the display.
Credit: BenQ

The best monitor light bar can really help reduce eye strain in any situation.

Monitor light bars are a great-looking addition to your setup, and when combined with anything from the best graphic design monitors to the most impressive ultrawide displays, they're a minimal and functional upgrade that you'll wonder how you ever did without.

They also pair well with the best soundbars for a small room, to really give your monitor setup some extra oomph, particularly if you're a gamer. As you can imagine, the relative simplicity of these has meant that the market is bursting with monitor light bars. Luckily, we've cut through the noise to select some of the best for a wide range of budgets and uses.

Here are our top picks...

Best monitor light bars

  1. BenQ Screenbar Monitor Light - best overall option
  2. Baseus Monitor Light Bar - best budget pick
  3. MELIFO Curved Monitor Light Bar - top curved light bar
A black light bar above a black monitor with a starry night sky on the display.
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Credit: BenQ

1. BenQ Screenbar Monitor Light

Best monitor light bar overall

BenQ makes everything from some of the best budget 4K monitors to immense gaming projectors, but one thing they're especially known for is their quest for solutions to eye strain.

In fact, you'll often find features like Brightness Intelligence Plus packed into even their most humble monitors. Brightness Intelligence Technology or B.I. tech is a method which BenQ use to measure your ambient lighting, and adjust brightness on the screen to optimise clarity.

This benQ Screenbar monitor light is the go-to for most people, and with good reason. It features auto dimming, which automatically adjusts the light to your surroundings, but it can also be manually changed via the touch control (which looks super sleek by the way).

You can even change the temperature of the light itself, so if you don't fancy lulling yourself to sleep when you're up against a deadline, you can switch it up to a cooler light to give you a bit of pep!

Minimal, reasonably priced, and versatile; it's easy to see why this has become a 'fan favourite' for those working at home.

A close-up of a black light bar hooked to a monitor.
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Credit: Baseus

2. Baseus Monitor Light Bar

Best budget monitor light bar

Nowadays, there are more than a few brands making monitor light bars, and that includes some lesser-known folks. But in the case of this bar, you can actually get a fair bit for your money, by making only a couple of slight concessions.

This bar works by USB and has three colour temperatures, that are 'stepless'. What that means, is that when you go up or down it gradually increases, rather than jumping between, which can look and feel a little jarring.

Typically when you get more affordable products the design can look a little less premium, but from what we've seen this light bar is actually pretty nice. It's minimal and doesn't have branding all over the shop, which makes it a versatile addition to any type of home setup.

If you fancy saving some cash for an excellent wireless mouse or wireless keyboard to go with it, then this could be a good call.

A black curved monitor light bar.
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Credit: MELIFO

3. MELIFO Curved Monitor Light Bar

Best curved monitor light bar

More often than not, most of the best ultrawide monitors are curved, and that presents a bit of a problem. Traditional monitor light bars will project light in a way that would intersect a curved display, which isn't exactly ideal.

The good news is that there are few (very few in fact) curved light bars like this one that appear to be a popular alternative to the more traditional options.

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Again, you've got step-less dimming, and you can change colour temperature from warm to cool at the touch of a button. And the price isn't too bad either, especially for something more on the niche side.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

So if you still need to know a little more before diving into your search, check out our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions below.

Are monitor light bars worth it?

Yes, absolutely, and especially so if you're working in darker surroundings. If you work late into the night, even the warmest-hued screens can be super bright and jarring when surrounded by darkness.

Most monitors on the market are actually around 300 cd/m2, which is pretty bright even in daylight, so it's well worth investing in a light bar to ease some of the strain. Some monitors, with HDR enabled and with different types of panels such as Mini LED, can even get into four figures, which re-emphasises the need for a light bar.

They also create a unique atmosphere to your home working space, sort of like a modern take on an old-school study.

How much should I spend on a monitor light bar?

As always, it's up to you and your personal budget, but we'd say for something basic with a few settings you should look around the $50 mark.

If you want to go more premium and add in features like remotes and sensors, then explore the $100 - $140 area.

Will a monitor light bar fit my screen?

You'll have to check with the product listing itself to make sure, but in most cases, a regular flat-screen monitor should be all good with a light bar.

When you have a curved display, you may have to do a little more digging and be prepared to do a quick return if it doesn't fit.

On the whole, they're fine, because let's face it - they wouldn't be so popular if they didn't fit well.

Do monitor lights work on curved monitors?

This all depends on the monitor light bar you go for. More traditional straight ones may be able to attach to your monitor, but you won't be getting the full effect of them.

There are a handful of curved monitor-specific light bars out there which prove that they do work, even if it is a particularly niche product at the moment.

Which colour light is harmful to your eyes?

Generally, blue light is associated with eye strain and the potential to harm your eyes, because it has the potential to affect how 'awake' your brain is.

This is not considered to be directly harmful, but it can affect your sleep, which has the potential to affect your health.

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