SNES Pro 8BITDO Controller Review: a fantastic retro controller on the cheap

If you’ve been gaming for more than ten years, then there’s a good chance that you’ve got a favourite console, and a favourite controller.

It’s like having a favourite football team or even a soft drink; it’s the go-to choice when you’re asked about your favourite thing.


SNES Pro controller for just £38.99

When it comes to controllers, you have a favourite, and you wish that you could use it with your PC, your Switch and whatever else you have. This is where 8BITDO comes in.

We’ve been trying out their

8BITDO SNES Pro controller

, where it has the SNES design, but with some modern improvements.

Design - Score 95

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If you know Nintendo’s Super Nintendo, you’ll know what the controller looks like. Four buttons, two shoulder buttons, start and select, followed by the DPAD.

But where 8BITDO comes in, is with two analogue sticks, two extra shoulder buttons with a click for each, two extra buttons for the Switch’s home and screenshot functions, alongside rumble support.

When all combined, you’ve got a pretty fantastic controller with a great build; it's oddly as if these features of rumble and extra buttons have been there the whole time.

a pretty fantastic controller

You can pair it to one device by pressing the ‘sync’ button at the top by way of bluetooth, and after some setup, you’re ready to go.

Playing Smash Bros and Mario Odyssey was perfect with this controller. Everything worked as expected, while taking a screenshot felt second-nature.

Of course, when it came to using the

Nintendo Switch Online Service

 with the SNES games, it felt like being in some kind of time-warp, especially with using the controller with analogue sticks. The controller worked as you’d expect; perfect and no latency.

It’s got a great grip, and you may be tempted to buy another just so that a second player doesn’t feel left out.

They’re a great alternative to Nintendo’s

Switch Pro Controller

, and we’d even go as far to say that they eclipse them in just how good this SNES Pro controller is.


SNES Pro controller for just £38.99

Features - Score 95

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We mentioned rumble and wireless before, but when you’ve got these features on a design from thirty years ago, it’s incredible to be using the DPAD and buttons from long ago, but without a cable, and with rumble in certain Switch games.

They both work very well here, with latency at a minimum and the rumble really making itself sure that the controller does indeed rumble.

it’s ideal

But the beauty of this controller is that it doesn’t just work with the Switch, but other devices too. Playing Tomb Raider 2 on the


, or pairing it up to the Gaming PC bore no issues, both worked as expected and for something to put into a bag for the commutes in the future, it’s ideal.

It charges through USB-C and also works as a wired option through here as well, with an orange LED light letting you know if it’s charging or needs to be charged. The battery lasted through a week’s use before it gave out, which was fantastic for what it offers.

8BITDO also has a very useful tool in

updating the firmware

on the controller as well, this can help the peripheral refine any issues that users come across.


SNES Pro controller for just £38.99

Our Score


  • The modern features work well here, as if they've always been on a SNES Controller
  • Great compatibility with other consoles and tablets
  • Fantastic grip and high-quality all round


  • More colour options
  • Motion features would be welcome for those certain Switch games

If you’re in the market for another controller, you can’t really do much better than the 8BITDO Controller. With its different colours to pick from and its compatibility with most devices with bluetooth, you won’t have a hard time using this controller.

Priced around

£38.99 on Amazon

, it’s still way below the price of Nintendo’s official

Switch Pro controller

, and as a side note here, if you prefer another era, whether that's on colour-scheme or console, you will have plenty of choice from



It’s a home-run here, and we’re looking forward to what other controllers and improvements it brings in time.


SNES Pro controller for just £38.99

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