The best games to play on iPad: Make the most of mouse, cursor, trackpad and Magic Keyboard support with these iPad-friendly games

"Use the Trackpad, Luke..." - Obi-Wan Kenobi, after telling Luke Skywalker the best games to play on his iPad.

Now that iOS 13.5 has released to the masses, the iPad now has full mouse and cursor support. And there's also Apple’s new peripheral, the Magic Keyboard for the iPad, which is bringing a full-size, backlit keyboard, and a trackpad, all in a case for the tablet.

Orders for this new Magic Keyboard have already opened up, prompting much discussion on how it could benefit pro apps, from Office Suites, to creation apps such as Ferrite.

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This new tech support for iPad is also great news for gaming on the Apple tablet. Using a cursor on an iPad really opens the market up for games from the past and games to come to this handy platform.

With that, here’s a few released games that can be used with the cursor right now on an iPad...

Broken Sword

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A point-and-click adventure that involves Paris, a clown, and a murder, you take on the role of George Stobbart, a freelance journalist who is thrown into the mix to try and solve the case, while uncovering a greater conspiracy.

It works well with the cursor, as you can scope out the environment for clues, and use your free hand to select on something that may be a clue.


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There’s a hidden secret with DOOM on iOS that’s not been talked about; you can use the ‘WASD’ layout on a keyboard to control the soldier, alongside using the numbered keys to swap between weapons.

When the cursor is factored into this, it could be manipulated up to a point where it’s almost being played on a 1995 3DFX PC. A left click can turn the player, and even though the cursor has to be dragged to a certain point of the screen to shoot, it’s a great method after a few minutes’ practice.

We only hope that this isn’t a fluke, and more games can take advantage of this setup over time.

Civilisation V

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There had to be a strategy game here eventually. This genre has always been made for a mouse, ever since the days of Age of Empires and Theme Park, and it's up to a point on the iPad where it can be used, but something always felt like it was missing.

The accessibility cursor from last year was a good start, but it was distracting; here with the fully-featured cursor, it’s a joy.

Easily choose the factions in the army alongside the different menu systems and play through the many turns. Even for a quick match here on the Magic Keyboard, it could be great fun when on a train-commute when the lockdown lifts with this game.

Final Fantasy VII

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With the first part of the remake currently out to high-acclaim, players who are discovering the game through this version first, are becoming curious to play the original, and if someone doesn’t have a Nintendo Switch, playing the game on an iPad is the next best thing.

Granted, the D-PAD to the left will need to be used to navigate Cloud around Shinra, BUT using the mouse for every other action is a great substitute, and having the headphones on while playing this in the garden is a fine way to use a lunch-break.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

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First released back in 2003, KotOR saw a surprise-release a couple of years ago on iPad, where players could once again play as an amnesiac Jedi, travelling over many worlds to foil Darth Malak.

The UI on the Store gives the impression that it would be difficult to use the ‘cursor & touch’ combo, but once again, it works, and by the time Dantooine was reached, the controls felt second-nature. One only hopes that the sequel, ‘Sith Lords’ comes to iOS soon with this, and perhaps a whole new UI to take advantage of the cursor.

There you have it; five games to re-acquaint yourself using the new cursor-feature. As mentioned before, it would be great to see full keyboard support in games on the iPad, especially as consumers will be using the Magic Keyboard almost full-time.

It also brings the idea of games that have not come to the iPad, that could support this combo. Could there be BioShock, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Resident Evil 3 coming down the line?

The possibilities are exciting, and it’s going to be very interesting to see where the iPad and cursor-support will be going.

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