Wii games on Nintendo Switch: Will Super Mario Galaxy open the door to more?

The Nintendo Switch is a console that the company could run with for the next couple of decades, and most would not bat an eyelid to this. It’s a fantastic console, held back only by its internal storage and UI features.

Its design is an amalgamation of the consoles that have come before it, such as the four buttons from the SNES, the handheld-ness from the GameBoy and so on. But one that sticks in the memory, are the motion controls with the joy-con controllers, that are inspired from the hugely-successful Wii.

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We have spoken before about games from Nintendo’s past library appearing on the Switch, but the Wii is a unique affair, mainly due to its controller designs. There have been wishes to have certain games appear on the Switch, and thanks to the joy-cons, it looks very possible.

With that, let's go into an overview about how realistic Wii games could appear on the Switch...

A Revolution in the making

When the Wii was announced back in 2005, as the ‘Revolution’, the Wii Remote was also shown at the Tokyo Games Show in September of that year, people simply didn’t know what to think.

They weren’t sure if this would actually work in a game, but after it was demo-ed the following year at E3, and subsequently released in the fall of 2006, people loved it.

Games like Wii Sports and Mario Galaxy showed the full potential of the console and the controller, and the combination made the console a runaway success.

Essentially, it was a modified Gamecube with a new philosophy on what a controller meant for a games console, and it worked incredibly well. But once the company moved back to the standard design of a controller that the Wii U had, and now the Switch, people were, and are, still unsure as to which Wii games could make a comeback.

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Will Mario Galaxy open up a universe of possibilities?

Thankfully, this is where the joy-cons come in. It wouldn’t be a massive challenge to have a game ported from the Wii days to the Switch, as proven by the fact that Super Mario Galaxy is coming to the Switch soon as part of the Mario 3D All-Stars bundle.

Fans have also been hoping that Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be coming to the Switch, which would seem like a logical decision if the 3D All-Stars budle goes well. And that isn't the only Wii game that seems like a really top choice for a Switch.

Take Wii-Sports, for example, which already has a sort-of Switch successor in the shape of Ring Fit Adventure. You can see the remnants of Wii-Sports and Wii-Fit here, so imagine a true sequel to Wii Sports, or a remastered variant instead. Wouldn't that be great on Switch?

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Nintendo has already mentioned that the Switch is ‘barely mid-way’ through its life-cycle, and whether that means it's for this current iteration, or the brand as a whole, remains to be seen.

But it’s about time that we see some long-forgotten Wii classics brought to the Switch; it’s tailor-made to work with games from that era, and we all want Zelda’s Crossbow Training to come back! So how about it, Nintendo?

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