How to appear offline on Nintendo Switch: Hide your gameplay activity on Switch

Appearing offline on Nintendo Switch can help you focus on playing games without distractions.

This may be seen as a good or a not-so-good thing with Nintendo, but their online service is, in a sense, lacking in features compared to Microsoft and Sony.

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You can’t message friends, and there’s no sort of achievements to be found. But there is an ‘activity’ area where you can view your friends’ playtime on a game. Some that may go into the 100 hours territory.

With that, here’s how to ‘appear offline’ in a sense on your Nintendo Switch.

How to appear offline on Nintendo Switch

First of all, send a message to your WhatsApp group or your favoured social media site, and simply state that you’re busy playing Animal Crossing and you do not wish to be disturbed. We kid.

Go to your profile on the home screen, so go to your icon on the top left, and press ‘A’ to be brought to the main screen.

Go to ‘User Settings’, and go to where it says ‘Play Activity Settings’.

Where it says ‘Who do you want to see your play activity?’, change it to no-one, and shortly after that, no one will know if you’ve been playing any game as of late.

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Much work to be done, there is

It’s a strange method that Nintendo has been following since they finally relented in some kind of online gaming, ever since the Wii days.

Granted you can hide yourself from the ‘Activity’ section, but there’s not much to hide away from, when the online service is so basic.

Let’s not even go into the method of voice-chat on the Switch, as that requires an app on your smart-phone, just to enable that feature.

We hope that Nintendo brings out more improvements to the Online experience eventually, and hopefully bring back some features as well, such as NintendoLand and StreetPass. But for now, you can hide your 200 hours of playing WWE 2K20 to hide that glitchy shame from your friends.

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