PS5: Which way to insert a disc?

Using discs is the more traditional way of playing game on the PlayStation consoles, but which way do you insert a disc on the PS5?

Most PS5 users are now fonder of using the digital way of playing games, wherein they will just purchase those and download from the PlayStation Store. Yet for some, your PS experience would not be complete if you don't play a game through a disc.

And here's which way to insert a disc in your PS5:

Insert your disc properly

Our buddies from Push Square were also intrigued by the fact that some people are inserting discs in their PS5 the wrong way.

Well even if it could be dubbed as a hilarious situation, let me teach you the right way how to do it.

Insert the disc while the label is being faced on the left side if your PS5 is set vertically. But if it is set horizontally, make sure that the label of the disc is facing upwards. Simple, right?

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Digital or discs?

Now if you're torn over which version of games should you buy, this might help you.

In some cases, you might find that digital versions of a game cost more than physical. This feels odd, but it comes down to the fact that physical units depreciate in value and often need to be shifted, whereas digital codes are infinite.

Of course, buying a disc is also slightly worse for the environment than sticking with digital downloads. But the choice is really up to you!

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