The PS5 release date for China is finally confirmed, and it's not far off

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Finally, the coveted and much-awaited PlayStation 5 or PS5 will make its way to the great land of China after its release date for the country is finally confirmed.

Although the console began its global release in November 2020, the PS5 has not yet arrived in China.

Sony gradually made the console available in different countries, which caused the demand for it to raise a whole new level of interest from gamers and fans.

So when will the PS5 arrive in China?

PS5 release date for China

Insidesport posted the news about the confirmed release date of the PS5 in China. It was a tweet from Daniel Ahmad, who is currently a Senior Analyst at Niko Partners.

Although there is still no exact date on when the console will officially land in China, the revelation about it could already give a much deeper glimpse.

The PS5 will be available in China during the second quarter of 2021. Not so near but also not far off, right?

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PS5 price in China

Another major aspect about the PS5's arrival in China is its price.

There are rumors that the console will be priced three times more compared to its original price.

If it is being priced at $1,200 today, then it is highly possible that it will be at around $3,600 in China.

Only time will tell if that rumour is true, though, of course...

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