How to Get Military Equipment in Manor Lords

manor lords army standing equipped with military equipment shields, spears, abnners, on grassy field

manor lords army standing equipped with military equipment shields, spears, abnners, on grassy field

While Manor Lords prides itself on being a city-builder first and foremost, it is not lacking in the combat department. You'll often face deadlines and need to prepare your defences before a big attack is launched on your cities. Let's go over how you can get Military Equipment to protect your town.

Defending your town is a must, and you need to equip your army with the appropriate weapons to defend against the raiders and other enemies. This is why it's important to get Military Equipment in Manor Lords.

While you're here, learn how to recruit units and increase your approval rating.

How to Get Military Equipment

Military Equipment refers to the weapons that your army can use to defend themselves in battle. These are the weapons your units can equip and include spears, axes, polearms, shields, and bows.

The game gives you your first shipment of Military Equipment for free once you build five Burgage Plots or one Storehouse. The game will give you a prompt for the “Armament Delivery” and explain how the combat system works. This delivery includes 20 spears and shields to equip your rag-tag militia with for the first battle.

However, if you plan on surviving the coming battles, you're going to need a lot more weapons. There are two primary methods of getting Military Equipment, and they both have their pros and cons.

Import From Trading Post

The first option is to Import Military Equipment through the Trading Post. This is the quickest option to get your hands on all the available weapons in the game, but it will cost you a bunch of Regional Wealth. You must also establish Trade Routes for every single piece of Military Equipment you wish to import.

Once your Trade Routes are secured and your Trading Post has the necessary funds, you can get all the weapons you need to equip your military.

Crafting Military Equipment

The second option is to craft the Military Equipment through various Crafting Stations.

  • You can craft Sidearms, Spears, and Polearms at the Blacksmith.
  • You can craft Small and Large Shields at a Joiner's Workshop.
  • You can craft Helmets, Mail Armor, and Plate Armor at the Armorer's Workshop.
  • You can craft Warbows at the Fletcher's Workshop.
manor lords upgrade level 2 burgage plot to blacksmith workshop
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Weapon crafting stations require that you have access to Level 2 Burgage Plots, and then you must collect the necessary materials and Regional Wealth to buy these extensions and craft the individual weapons. While this process can be a bit lengthy, it ensures a steady supply of weapons and armor.

That's all you need to know about the methods to get Military Equipment in Manor Lords. For more guides, learn about all the different types of buildings and horses in Manor Lords.

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