How to Get Horses in Manor Lords and Why You Need Them

Manor Lords horses: A bustling trade town with several market tents at the center and villagers trading.
Credit: Slavic Magic/Hooded Horse

Manor Lords horses: A bustling trade town with several market tents at the center and villagers trading.
Credit: Slavic Magic/Hooded Horse

If you’re looking to create a bustling trade town in Manor Lords, then it's about time you introduce some horses to your settlements. While these heavy-haulers might sound very similar to oxen, the Manor Lords horses system is great for establishing and maintaining effective trade routes across your land.

So, here’s how to get horses in Manor Lords, what they do, and why it’s worth spending your hard-earned wealth to add these beasts into the mix. After all, you’ve got to be very careful in how you manage your settlement, otherwise it will all crumble before your very eyes. Speaking off, take a look at all the best Manor Lords units and get to grips with the Manor Lords building list to know what to invest in first.

How to get horses in Manor Lords

To get horses in Manor Lords, you first need to establish a hitching post, a small stable, or a trading post. Here, you can purchase one horse per in-game month for 30 Regional Wealth. This means they're not too hard to get your hands on, though it will take you some time if you're looking to get a few.

You can also buy horses from a specialized livestock trading post which lets you set your own limit. As and when a horse comes to market, it will be added to your stable until the target is reached.

Manor Lords horses:  A knight riding on horseback while overlooking a settlement in the distance.
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Credit: Slavic Magic/Hooded Horse

What do horses do in Manor Lords?

Manor Lords’ horses are more complicated than you might first assume. Right now, horses only have one use - to speed up trade once assigned to a trading post. However, in the future, horses will be able to be used as cavalry for mounted troops. Remember, Manor Lords is still in early access.

What separates horses from oxen? Well, oxen are more designed to move items around your settlement, rather than commodities for trade. And when it comes to trade, horses are invaluable. By speeding up trade, horses are a simple way to increase your profits through more regular sales.

Given horses will be able to be used as cavalry in the future as well, it’s a wise idea to invest in some of these trusty steeds now so you’re ready to beef up your army. This is especially important as mustering up a peasant army and sending them on a campaign will take them away from their duties in your settlement, effectively halting your expansion until they’ve returned.

So there you have it, all there is to know about Manor Lords horses so you can build a flourishing trade hub in no time. Just be careful not to expand too quickly or be overly reliant on trade to build your settlement. It’s best to grow steadily to avoid spreading your resources too thinly. On that note, it's worth finding out all about the Manor Lords building limit. And to become the true baron you were born to be, build yourself a titular Manor Lords manor house to rule over your subjects.

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