Dyson Sphere Program: Main Bus Setup Guide

Youthcat Studio's Dyson Sphere Program is quickly rising the ranks in the Steam charts, following its release into Early Access in late-January.

If you are among the many players to have picked up this sci-fi simulation title, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed at the sheer scope of Dyson Sphere Program - a game where the goal is to build a star harnessing empire.

One of the best ways to start off in Dyson Sphere Program is to set up your Main Bus, so here are a few tips to get you started.

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What is a Main Bus?

Those of you coming to Dyson Sphere Program from Factorio will probably be familiar with the Main Bus system.

Essentially, it involves optimising your production setup by creating a central hub where your most-used resources can be harvested from. It may take some time in creating a well-structured layout but will be beneficial later in your playthrough.

The Main Bus system is not essential to Dyson Sphere Program, but even taking on board a few of these tips may help organise your production system into a more streamlined procedure.

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How to create a Main Bus in Dyson Sphere Program

Much of your Main Bus setup will involve managing and creating a streamlined belt system, which will transport resources to and from your machinery.

We'd firstly suggest you setup your bus running across the equator of your planet, at this will give you the maximum amount of space for your bus to travel, and will also be much easier to manage because of the coordinate system. A lack of space may not sound that important when you first start out, but by the mid-game, it can become a problem.

In creating your belts, you want to have them as close to each other as possible, while leaving enough room for your machinery and other belts. A gap of three lines (or three squares) may be enough, but four or five should give you some extra room that may come in handy for splitters.

Unlike in Factorio, Dyson Sphere Program allows you to build vertically, too. This means you can build belts on top of belts and connect them down across levels. We'd recommend utilising this setup quite often, as long as your most essential resources remain on the bottom belt for easy access. To make the most optimised vertical belts, you will want to have belts running across the first and third levels, as this allows the belts to merge down without taking up too much vertical space. It is also worth noting that even if you want to leave more space between your belts, four-way splitters only connect on odd-numbered levels, so take that into account.

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