Dyson Sphere Program: How to get Hydrogen

If you've recently started playing Dyson Sphere Program, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of tools, resources, and buildings you have at your disposal.

While many of these items may not become useful until later in your playthrough, hydrogen is a common element needed for a variety of tasks throughout the game.

With that in mind, here's how to produce hydrogen in Dyson Sphere Program.

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How to produce hydrogen in Dyson Sphere Program

While GCSE Chemistry may have taught us that you can produce hydrogen from water, the easiest way to create hydrogen when you begin playing Dyson Sphere Program is through oil refineries. For this, you'll want to be harvesting as much crude oil as you can before pumping it through the oil refineries, which will produce refined oil and hydrogen.

When you first start out, it might seem like you aren't making much hydrogen, but as you start to build more refineries and use more crude oil, you'll quickly have an abundance of hydrogen.

If you want to produce hydrogen at a faster rate, you should also consider unlocking the X-Ray Cracking research. This costs 400 Electronic Matrix and 400 Energy Matrix, and it will allow you to crack the refined oil into further hydrogen alongside energetic graphite.

What can hydrogen be used for in Dyson Sphere Program?

As with reality, hydrogen is an extremely useful resource to have in Dyson Sphere Program.

Not only can it be used as power for your Mecha in the form of Hydrogen Fuel Rods, but hydrogen is also an essential element of the Energy Matrix (known affectionately as a Red Cube), which can be used to advance through the research tree.

Hydrogen can also be used as a fuel for some of your buildings if you're suffering from an overabundance, but we'd also recommend keeping some in your storage tanks just in case you need it in the future.

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