Is Dyson Sphere Program Multiplayer?

Dyson Sphere Program is a game all about harnessing the power of stars. This premise alone is already pretty cool, but what if you could do it with a friend?

Since Dyson Sphere Program entered Early Access on January 21, thousands have flocked to the game and have created their intergalactic factories to fuel galaxy-spanning empires.

The reviews for Dyson Sphere Program have widely praised Youthcat Studio's game, with 96% of the over 3000 reviews on Steam being positive. But, as players explore even more of their procedurally generated universe, many are wondering how to team up with their old clans from the days of EVE, Star Citizen and even Minecraft. Here's what we know...

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Dyson Sphere Program Multiplayer Co-op Mode

Currently, Dyson Sphere Program does not have a multiplayer or a co-op mode. This space simulation title remains a single-player-only experience following its release, as stated on its Steam page.

While disappointing, this is an understandable decision from the developers at Youthcat Studio - a team of just 5 people - who will likely want to ensure they meet their deadlines and released a polished, single-player title when Dyson Sphere Program comes out of Early Access in the future.

However, once this Early Access period ends, it could be a different story...

Dyson Sphere Program Multiplayer Update

In responding to a Reddit thread enquiring about a multiplayer mode, a moderator said: " [Multiplayer] hasn't been ruled out, just not planned right now."

This means that we could potentially see a multiplayer update come to Dyson Sphere Program in a future patch, but it might be quite far off, if it ever happens at all.

The moderator also stressed that as Dyson Sphere Program plans to support mods, "you may see the community put something together" before anything comes from the official developers.

We'll let you know if anything changes with Dyson Sphere Program's multiplayer mode, or if the community does release a multiplayer mod.

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