Dyson Sphere Program: How to build interstellar logistics system

Those who have played simulation building games such as Factorio or even Minecraft will know the value of rare resources. Dyson Sphere Program taps into this idea, tasking players with collecting and utilising some of the rarest elements found in our universe.

Dyson Sphere Program is built on the harvesting and harnessing of various elements and resources found in your procedurally generated universe. For those players who have now passed the early stages of their playthrough, an interstellar logistics system may be almost essential to creating a truly epic star harnessing empire.

For all you need to know about Dyson Sphere Program's logistic system, keep reading...

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Why build a logistics system?

In the early stages of Dyson Sphere Program, an adequate logistics system may seem unnecessary as you continue to gather resources from your starting location.

However, once you explore the wider galaxy after learning how to travel between planets, you will realise the value of interplanetary travel, specifically when you find scare resources that are essential to advancing through the game.

The problem with travelling between planets is that it can take quite a while. You will often find yourself sailing in the vast abyss of space, waiting for your inevitable landing on a different planet.

This is why it is essential to set up an interstellar logistic system that can instead do this travelling for you. So here's how to get started.

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How to unlock interstellar logistics system

The first thing to note here is the difference between intraplanet and interstellar. The prefix 'intra' means inside (such as intrastate travel), while 'inter' means between. This is important, as Dyson Sphere Program players have recently been undone by this difference when attempting to create an interplanetary logistics system.

In the tech tree, there are five levels of logistic systems: Basic logistics systems, improved logistics systems, high-efficiency logistics systems, intraplanetary logistics systems and interstellar logistics systems.

Intraplanetary systems can only transport resources across the same planet, rather than in between planets, meaning that you want to avoid using the drones this tier gives you, unless transporting goods across the same planet.

Instead, you will need to unlock the interstellar logistics system, which is at the fifth tier in the tech tree. It's also worth noting that as this requires titanium to complete (which you will have to transport yourself at the start), you'll need to progress through the Metallurgy Tree, too.

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How to set up interstellar logistic system in Dyson Sphere Program

Once you have unlocked the interstellar logistics system, it's time to set up your Interstellar Logistics Stations. You will need to place belts running through both stations to facilitate the transfers, while also placing a filter on the receiving station's belt.

You will then need to create your Logistic Vessels. There are no requirements for how many you should have, but if you want the optimal transfer speeds, we'd recommend 20 Vessels, with 10 in each Station (the maximum each Station can store). These Vessels can transport 200 resources in one trip.

Finally, you will need to set your remote demand and remote supply, as this means the correct resources you need will get transferred (likely titanium). The remote supply setting will send Vessels from those Stations with the specific resource, while the remote demand setting will receive those Vessels.

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