Xbox Series V: Project Edinburgh rumours suggest another next-gen Xbox exists - plus specs, release date, price and more!

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Just as Microsoft finally revealed the long-rumoured Xbox Series S - a budget alternative to the Xbox Series X - following leaks, new unconfirmed rumours suggest a third next-gen Xbox exists, known as the Xbox Series V.

According to these rumours, the Xbox Series V would be more powerful than the Series S and would compete with the PS5's Digital Edition at the top of the digital-only console market.

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Are these rumours true, or is it yet another fake designed on Photoshop? Read on to find out everything we know about the alleged Xbox Series V.

Xbox Series V images shared online

Prominent Xbox news leaker and insider, IdleSloth84, shared the 'leaked' image that shows the Xbox Series V between the Series X and Series S. Based on this image, the Series V appears to have no disc drive, leading to a slimmer design not to dissimilar to how the PS5 Digital Edition compares to PS5.

The Series V would mark an upgrade on the Series S' specs, but would be slightly less powerful than the Xbox Series X, leading to a lower price point that puts it in between the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S pricing.

However, before we get carried away with the Series V, we need to ask one question. Is it real?

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Does the Xbox Series V exist?

Following the sharing of this image, Twitter and Reddit users have dissected the image for irregularities that may suggest this image is doctored to appear official.

This Reddit thread on the r/XboxSeriesX subreddit offers some analysis of the image, with users questioning the text alignment of the Xbox Series V's logo. Others questioned the timing of this leak, wondering why Microsoft didn't announce this console alongside the Series S, or whether the image was only released now so the creator could finally get an image of the official Series S design.

However, putting aside this image, there is further evidence for another next-gen Xbox. Software developer @billyhlbrt found references to "Edinburgh" in the Xbox One's OS underneath references to "Anaconda" and "Lockhardt" - the codenames for the Xbox Series X and Series S.

While this could just reference another aspect of the Xbox experience, such as xCloud streaming, Xbox Edinburgh could easily be another next-gen Xbox, further expanding the Xbox family.

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Xbox Series V price

If the Xbox Series V/ Project Edinburgh does exist, it will likely join the Xbox family as a mid-tier console, slotting in between the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

We now know that the Xbox Series S will cost $299/£249, and the Series X will cost $499/£449. Given this, it seems the Xbox Series V would perfectly fit in between these two consoles when priced at $399/£349. However, as is the case with everything to do with the Series V/Xbox Edinburgh, until Microsoft confirms (or deconfirms) its existence, nothing is confirmed.

Xbox Series V release date

Unlike the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, if the Series V is real, it is highly unlikely for the console to release on November 10. As we are now under two months away from the next-gen consoles' release, it would certainly be an odd choice for Microsoft to now announce the Series V for November just after revealing the Xbox Series S.

Instead, the Xbox Series V may still be in its early stages of development, leading to a release date of 2021 or beyond, if it ever comes to fruition.

Xbox Series V specs

While, like many other aspects of the rumoured Series V, we know nothing officially the console's specs, if it does come in as the mid-tier console, we can make some educated guesses/assumptions about its specs.

As with the Series S, the Series V would likely contain the same internal architecture as the Xbox Series X, allowing it to run games in 4K and make use of Xbox Velocity Architecture.

Given the Series X has 12TFLOPs of power compared to the Series S' 4TFLOPs, the Series V could sit around the 8TFLOPs of power.

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