PS5 vs Xbox Series X Blu-Ray comparison: PS5 outperforms the Series X

While most people use their gaming consoles primarily for games and streaming shows on the likes of Netflix and Disney+, these devices can still play films and shows via Blu-Ray and DVDs (aside from the discless versions).

This might not seem that important to many console owners, but for those who want to watch their 4K Blu-Ray films without resorting to a pricey Blu-Ray player, it could be an important consideration.

If you're wondering which console has the best Blu-Ray support, one recent video may have the answer...

PS5 vs Xbox Series X Blu-Ray performance

In a recent comparison by the YouTube channel HDTV Test, Vincent Teoh compared the Blu-Ray performance of both the PS5 and Series X, using an LG OLED TV as the display.

Teoh found that the PS5 used 12-bit colour compared to the Xbox Series X's 10-bit colour, resulting in the PS5 producing a slightly more detailed picture when in 4K.

The Series X also suffered from some frame skips when switching between chapters, for example. The PS5, however, did not have this issue, and instead could play films at the true 24FPS.

You can view the full comparison below:

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Should I buy the PS5 or Xbox Series X?

While the PlayStation 5 may have the slightly better Blu-Ray output, we'd caution against making your decision solely on this. Instead you would be better to look at the Xbox and PlayStation-exclusive games that are currently available, along with those releasing in the future.

If you're looking for the best raw power and storage, the Series X beats the PS5 in this category. However, the PlayStation 5's DualSense controller offers a unique console gaming experience that the Xbox Series X's controller just cannot match.

It's worth considering that both these two next-gen consoles remain pretty low in stock due to component shortages, logistical issues, and scalpers. If you're still looking for a new console, we'd recommend keeping up with @GfinityDealsUK on Twitter for news on the latest console drops.

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