PS5 vs Xbox Series X graphics comparison VIDEO: Can you tell the difference?

While graphics aren't everything in a game, it's hard to deny the joy you get when looking at the shiniest possible version of any given game.

That's why some people just want to know which console looks the best.

Maybe it plays better elsewhere, and maybe things are cheaper or something else, but if graphics are your main thing, then it's important to know which of the PS5 and Xbox Series X can do it best.

Well dear reader out there on the internet, let's get stuck in.

Which console has better graphics, the PS5 or the Xbox Series X?

This, as ever, is very much the remit of the excellent and incredibly talented lot over at Digital Foundry, who do this kind of thing for fun (but also for work).

Well, they did a video breaking down the differences between the two consoles in DMC5, and they even go over how the two consoles do in different modes:

It's an excellent video, and the results are a little surprising. Despite the extra power that the Xbox Series X has, the PS5 does better in some areas.

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Why is this the case, and which console has better graphics overall?

As is often the case, this is just a glimpse at the two, and in reality, there will be some games that look better on the Series X, and some that look better on the PS5.

It's often about optimisation more than anything else, but if you're really worried about graphics then we do recommend getting the Xbox Series X simply because it has more power at its disposal, which gives it a higher ceiling overall.

It's close though, and both consoles do look absolutely incredible, so you can't really make a wrong choice here.

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