PS5 price predictions: How much will the PS5 cost, and when will the PS5 price, release date and pre-order window go live? Check out the latest rumours and Sony’s comments on PS5 price

Get ready to fork out big time if you’re paying the PS5 price!

by Rob Leane
PS5 price uk pre order release date

As we get closer to the PlayStation 5’s launch window, fans are growing increasingly keen to know the PS5 price and the release date of the PS5 console.

The PS5 price has NOT yet been confirmed, but an official Amazon product page has gone up. The existence of this page means that Sony could, in theory, drop the PS5 price at any moment.

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Read on to find out all we know about the price and release of Sony’s latest console…

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When will we find out the PS5’s price and release date?

According to a rumour from Roberto Serrano, Sony was going to reveal the price and release date of the console on July 13, when the console’s pre-orders were rumoured to go live.

Serrano tweeted out this rumoured date in reply to Jeff Grubb’s predictions of upcoming Summer gaming events.

He also since specified the timings of these reveals, suggesting that the pre-orders will go live at 12:30 pm PT, or 8:30 pm BST.

However, this date and time are now in the past, so it seems like this particular prediction was off the mark. We’ll just keep refreshing the Amazon product page in the hope of seeing a price.

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PS5 price prediction – the latest rumour

Images surfaced online of pre-orders from the French retailer Carrefour detailing the various price breakdown’s of the PlayStation 5 products..

According to these images, the PS5 will cost €499 (£450), or €399 (£350) for the Digital Edition.


However, what is more likely is these prices are just placeholders not intended to be seen by the public. Fans have especially pointed out that the prices of the DualSense and Pulse 3D headset are particularly low, suggesting the prices are inaccurate.

While these rumours may be incorrect for now, it does hint pre-orders may be opening pretty soon…

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Former Xbox Executive comments on PS5’s price

Albert Penello, Xbox’s former Director of Console Marketing, has responded to claims on Twitter that the PS5 would be upwards of $600.

$499, or £450 seems to be the price point many industry experts or analysts are predicting next-gen consoles to cost, so Penello’s comments fit into the growing narrative surrounding the console’s pricing.


Sony comments on the PS5’s price

Sony has made a statement of sorts about the PlayStation 5 price tag, but the company has still not told us an actual price.

In an interview with, Sony’s Jim Ryan said this: “Recent history has told us that gaming is one of the pastimes, and one of the businesses, that benefits in economically difficult times…. Who knows how this recession is going to look, how deep it will be and how long it will last.

“I think the best way that we can address this is by providing the best possible value proposition that we can. I don’t necessarily mean lowest price. Value is a combination of many things. 

“In our area it means games, it means number of games, depth of games, breadth of games, quality of games, price of games… all of these things and how they avail themselves of the feature set of the platform.”

Did you spot the key sentence there? “I don’t necessarily mean lowest price” is a phrase that suggests the PS5 won’t be cheap, so you could argue that Sony is trying to temper our expectations here.

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However, with the PS5 DualSense controller now having been revealed, and an exciting slate of PS5 games on the way, even a hefty price tag couldn’t dull our sense of huge next-gen hype.

Read on to discover some more PS5 price predictions, which might just make your eyes water…


PS5 price UK could be upwards of £400

With the launch of the PS5 still planned to happen this year, albeit with a potentially limited initial run of 6 million units, it’s only logical to start wondering about the price.

One particularly alluring rumour about the PS5 price pegged it as being around £320, which is less than the PS4 launch price. But now it sounds like that prediction may have been a tad optimistic. A more recent prediction says the following:

“Game developers who’ve been creating titles for the next PlayStation anticipate its price to be in the region of $499 to $549,” says a detailed report from Bloomberg.

In British money, this puts the PS5 price UK somewhere between £399.35 and £439.36, which means you could end up spending £400 or more on a PS5 bundle.

Rumours have surfaced on Twitter about the price of the PS5 after Wario64 shared images of a placeholder on Amazon listing the 2TB PS5 for £599.99.

Looking at the history of console wars pricing, this is a bit of a step up for launch-day prices of a new generation. Don’t worry if you just felt quite stunned by that price, as Amazon UK has confirmed that “this was an error”, as it “was priced as a dummy product with a dummy price.”

This was not a surprising statement given that the 1TB PS5 was also listed for the same price.

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It won’t be cheap to get your hands on this bad boy.

PS5 price vs PS4 price – why is it going up?

Since the PS4 price started at £349.99 when the PlayStation 4 first launched in the UK, it’s only natural to wonder why the PS5 is possibly going to be more expensive.

Of course, with new iPhones and new laptops retailing for rather a lot of money, people these days are used to the idea forking out for high-end gear.

Inflation also means that your money doesn’t go as far these days as it used to. However, there could be more to this steep PS5 price than simple inflation and the changing of the times.

The report continues: “Bloomberg Intelligence’s Matthew Kanterman points to increased component costs pushing up the price required for Sony to break even. Sony has struggled with its price-setting decision for the PS5 because of scarce components, Bloomberg News has reported.”

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PS5 pre-order UK dates are a mystery

When the PS5 price is officially revealed by Sony, we’ll be sure to let you know. For now, though, we’re left wondering how much higher than £400 it could feasibly go.

Another thing that hasn’t been confirmed yet is the date when PS5 pre-orders will begin in the UK, or anywhere else in the world. All you can do right now is register your interest in pre-ordering a PS5, sign up for notifications, and hope for the best.

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PS5 release date UK hasn’t been confirmed either

The PS5 release date has not been nailed down yet either, so we don’t know when the PlayStation 5 price will be seen in actual shops around the UK (or anywhere else in the world). As Sony lifts the lid with its promised series of PS5 reveal event live-streams, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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Rob Leane