PS5 Standard Edition explained: disc drive, release date, pre-order, controller, price prediction, and will it come in black?

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Sony has finally revealed the PS5 - and the PS5 Standard Edition Console looks like it could be a beauty!

With more to offer than the disc-free version called the PS5 Digital Edition, the PS5 Standard Edition console will be the flagship next-gen console from Sony. At it looks to be coming in white!

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Well... for now anyway. We're almost certain the PS5 console will come in black too. Remember, Sony previously tweeted an image of a plain black DualSense PS5 controller - if that's not a clue, we don't know what is.

Here's everything we know about the PS5 Standrd Edition...

PS5 Standard Edition Release date

There's no word yet on the PS5 Standard Edition Black release date, besides the vague promise that the PS5 release date is coming in the holiday season at the end of 2020 - but we may well hear about it very soon.

The original PS4 was black; it was sleek, it was svelte, it was stunning. Would the team at Sony break away from that to make a white PS5 design – as the only launch day option – a reality?

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PS5 Standard Edition pre-order

There's no news on when you can pre-order the PS5 Standard Edition console, but you can sign up to PS5 pre-order notifications right here. There will also be a whole range of PS5 products to buy with it!

And with both the PS5 Standard Edition and the PS5 Digital Edition now having official Amazon product pages - you can click either of those links to go to them - the oncoming onslaught of next-gen tech is starting to feel a bit more real!

PS5 Standard Edition price UK

There's no news on the PS5 Standard Edition price. The two consoles will command different price points, with the Digital Edition likely being a bit cheaper than the PS5 Standard Edition

The original PlayStation and PS2 hit the shelves at £299, with the PS3 at £425 and PS4 at £350.

We expect a standard edition PS5 UK price of around £450 – although we’ll have to wait and see – contrary to some early claims it could be cheaper than the PS4. The Digital Edition may come in around £50 cheaper.

PS5 Standard Edition price US

The first two PlayStations were around $299, with the PS3 at $499 and the PS4 at $399.

Again, we’d be looking at roughly $499 for the PS5 Standard Edition price in the US. Pretty hefty, but likely well worth it. Again, the Digital Edition would be roughly $50/100 cheaper - but that's sheer guesswork!

Will the PS5 Standard Edition come in black?

Sony has previously Tweeted this image of a plain black DualSense PS5 controller...

PS5 controller black version confirmed
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BACK IN BLACK: The signs are that a black console could be on the way too

This should be proof enough that Sony hasn’t thrown out ALL of its black paint.

Could this mean that a plain black PS5 Standard Edition console is in the pipeline, perhaps as an option for late adopters that don’t buy a white one at launch?

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Only time will tell, but we’d say it seems likely that the white-and-black PS5 won’t be the only option… at least not in the long term. Watch this space, folks!

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